Lake Placid: Search and Rescue is a 2004 American Creature Action Horror film written and directed by Paul Feig starring Kristen Wiig, Regina Hall, Craig Parker, Niecy Nash, Majandra Delfino, Chris Evans, Rachel Bilson and Cloris Leachman. An alternative theatrically released sequel to Steve Miner's creature comedy horror action Lake Placid of 1999, the alternative series of sequels would also feature into a crossover with the Anaconda theatrically released franchise in 2009. Shot in the same primary locations and released to coincide with the 27th August release of Anacondas: Hunt for the Blood Orchid, Search and Rescue was released worldwide on September 10th, 2004.

It was distributed by Twentieth Century Fox Pictures and Regency Enterprises met with mixed to positive reception.

Feig would go on to collaborate with actress Wiig in various future projects: Including the Oscar nominated comedy blockbuster Bridesmaids (2011) and third Ghostbusters instalment tentatively titled Ghostbusters (2016).


After a brief argument over the circulation of a salt water crocodile on his property, Lenny sees the animal come to ward the creature off as it gets into their livestock, ultimately he is eaten by a second crocodile as his wife Delores then continues on making tea.

Present day 2004, five years after the Lake Placid incident, Sheriff Keogh has retired and relocated, along with many former officers, Deputy Jillian Delaware is made sheriff as he departs and finds the role more challenging than anticipated as she deals with the feud between gay couple Moira and Miranda and Moira's ex-husband Jeffrey over their now missing son Llewis. Jillian's 17 year old sister Leah also is coming down for the first visit in many years with her boyfriend Quinn, best friend Sophie and other friends: Maurice, Bianca, Dayton and Kendra in tow to stay with her in the old family house.

After an argument over responsibility after planning a celebratory party of her art school acceptance Leah organises instead to celebrate at the lake. A lake crocodile flips the speedboat Dayton is on circling the swimming group and he ultimately drowns after hitting his head. The group fail to resuscitate after dragging him ashore and crocodile then attacks and drags in Dayton's body. The group tries to flee and get to high rise via the trees, in the frenzy Leah, Quinn and Sophie are separated from Maurice, Bianca and Kendra. Bianca, Maurice and Kendra isolate the crocodile and kill it by dropping a boulder. However coming to the ground four other crocodiles appear, two bite into Maurice's chest and back killing him, another tears at Bianca's side causing her to bleed to death. Kendra shoots herself with a flare gun to the temple before the crocodiles descend. Leah, Quinn and Sophie escape using the other speedboat.

At the hillbilly Envers farm the crocodiles make a second attack, causing a house explosion that kills Mary-Beth Envers, her youngest son Elvis and one of the crocodiles, leaving older son Randall alive. Jillian, a handful of deputies, Moira, Miranda and Jeffrey launch a search party for Llewis and Leah and friends. They come across the flaming Envers property and Leah, Quinn, Sophie and Randall on the speedboat attempting escape run out of fuel around a water bend. Jillian and the search party coming onto the lake with Moira's sailboat and following police speedboats come across the lake and discover the crocodile family's main lakepoint lair, where the father and mother attack. Deputies Garrett and Wallis are killed as the group is forced into a waterfall, Wallis hitting the rocks and Garrett dying of impact of hitting the water bellow.

Jillian and the party ultimately then come to after uncapsizing Moira's yacht part of the Llewis' toys confirming his more than probable death. They then come across the broken down Leah and others. Coming to the nearby Bickerman's they are all brought into safety and drugged by Delores, who then ties them up and prepares to roll them out to the pier for the family feast. Deputies Tulsa, Perrone and Porter return after having walked on towards town to gather supplies and are able to save them from Delores, who herself is ultimately consumed by the father crocodile as the family arrives at the pier. Randall sacrifices himself with his homemade C4 dynamite sticks, blowing up the last two child crocodiles that bite into him. The explosion propels Quinn and Sophie, Sophie ultimately dying upon hitting the edge of the pier, and Quinn landing in the water when he is then eaten by the parents.

Jillian and Leah then succeed in killing the father as Leah leaps upon the crocodile stabbing into it with Delores' kitchen knife and Jillian shooting into it. Moira, Miranda and Jeffrey kill the mother as the remaining deputies run out of bullets minus one they stick the last Randall C4 explosive to the creature and the bullet ignites it.

The film ends with former Sheriff Keough returns and the decision by environmental boards is made to drain the lake.


  • Kristen Wiig as Sheriff Jillian Delaware
  • Regina Hall as Moira Manning
  • Craig Parker as Jeffrey Manning
  • Niecy Nash as Miranda Kestle
  • Majandra Delfino as Leah Delaware
  • Chris Evans as Quinn Channing
  • Rachel Bilson as Sophie Torres
  • Josh Gad as Maurice Letterman
  • Desi Lydic as Bianca Waters
  • Adam Schulman as Dayton Chalmers
  • Uzo Aduba as Kendra Collis
  • Cloris Leachman as Delores Bickerman
  • Roberta Maxwell as Mary-Beth Envers
  • Brett Kelly as Elvis Envers
  • Dick Van Dyke as Lenny Bickerman
  • Damon Herriman as Randall Envers
  • Justin Chambers as Deputy Garrett
  • Barry Pepper as Deputy Tulsa
  • Shemar Moore as Deputy Wallis
  • Bellamy Young as Deputy Perrone
  • Nicole Sullivan as Deputy Porter


  1. See You Later Alligator- Bill Haley
  2. All Falls Down- Kanye West feat. Syleena Johnson
  3. Gasolina- Daddy Yankee
  4. Turn Me On- Kevin Lyttle feat Spraga Benz
  5. Move Ya Body- Nina Sky
  6. Mister Crocodile- Michael Ierace
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