Lady Purple (also known as Power Rangers Universe: Lady Purple) is an American superhero science fiction thriller directed by Kimberly Peirce and written by John Gatins. It stars India Eisley as Lady Purple, alongside AJ Michalka, Courteney Cox, David Tennant and Joaquin Phoenix. In Lady Purple, social outcast Darcy gains psychic powers which plans to use them to save the world. 

After the third Power Rangers movie, Franchise creator Haim Saban returned to produce the film under his investment firm to make this film a spin-off of the franchise and make it set in between Lightspeed Rescue and Time Force.

The film's dedicated to

Luke Perry

1966 - 2019



The film tells the story of Lorcan Darcy, a lesbian and social outcast at her high school, where she is constantly bullied by her peers led by her schoolmate named Eliot. She has a crush on a popular girl named Lucy Baine, who has a same feelings for her. When Lucy spot a mysterious cube at the antique store and decided to buy it for Lorcan as a gift. It grants both of them supernatual powers. Now they must team up to take down the Highly Criminal Organization for justice for torturing them.

Main Plot

“Family: a group of people united by the ties of marriage, blood, or adoption, constituting a single household and interacting with each other in their respective social positions, usually those of spouses, parents, children, and siblings. I didn’t realize how much that word really meant until I didn’t have it anymore.”

In the dark and stormy night at the Highly Criminal Organization, Lorcan’s sick  to her stomach seeing Sophie suffer the same way she used to, so she concocts a plan, I guess, to get her and them all out. This is before any of them know what’s going on behind the scenes. So they try and get her and themselves out but Lucy falls straight through a wet wall and falls into the basement. 

Shortly after obtaining the XCL, they’re surrounded. But the XCL (like I said it can faze through anything, it fazes them through the floor below and they BARELY escape. But not before a bullet gets fired which was meant for Lorcan but Cillian takes the bullet and dies almost instantly. Lorcan was in tears and grabbed him to the hospital in New York.

Helga is looking at the first two XCL cubes with her group. They are amazed at the effects of the XCL.

Helga: You're beautiful. What is this?

Scientist: It's a XCL. A special cube that glows different color. This object can be used as a weapon faze through any object. The first two colors you have are Red and Gray. We need to examinate them at once.

Helga: Of course. How many kids escaped?

Guard: Only fifteen, boss. We shot someone who got in the way.

Helga: Who?

Guard: It's Cillian Darcy.

Helga: Good. And the twin?

Guard #2: She escaped. Along with the other two girls. She will be dead when we see her again.

We cut to the hospital where Lorcan is sitting in the waiting area. She is crying and worried if her brother won't be alright. Her soial worker arrived with two married couple. She walked to her confront her.

Emily: Hi Lorcan. We heard from the hospital. I'm sorry about your brother. I like you to introduce to the Marsh.

Jessica Marsh kindly approach to Lorcan. She smiles at her. The Doctor asked Emily and Officer Mike to talk with him for a moment

Jessica: Hi Lorcan.

Lorcan: ...Hi.

Jessica: I'm Jessica Marsh, I'm not mean or anything. I just want to talk. Emily told me that you always wanted to have a good life. So, I was thinking if you like to come live with us. We're not abusive like your relatives, we're calm and nice people.

Lorcan: ...Really?

Jessica: Yeah.

Just then, the Doctor come towards Lorcan with bad news. Her twin brother died and she cry into Jessica's arm. Emmy and Sophie heard the news from the bathroom and felt guilty about it. She was abused by her birth parents, scolded by her aunt and uncle, and raped by Helga. And now, Lorcan felt angry. She goes to the phone and call Helga.

Lorcan: Helga, if you're hearing this. You are going to pay, you pervert. I'm going to get you. I'm going to destroy you, slowly, and when you start begging for me to end it ​​​​​, I'm going to remind you one thing. You killed Cillian. And for that, You are going to die!

Lorcan hangs up the phone in anger. Emmy and Sophie are shocked that their friend has swear revenge.

Eight years later, Lorcan's now eighteen and is a senior at her own high school. She remain best friends with Emmy and Sophie. One morning, Lorcan  is sleeping in her bedroom after an all nighter. Her bedroom fill with art supplies. She was working on a suit as a project for school.  

Mike: Lorcan, Breakfast.

Lorcan wakes up, she put on her slippers and walked downstairs. Jessica's making breakfast. She holds up her frying pan. Mike's getting ready for work while Lorcan's entering the kitchen.

Jessica: Hey, Sleepyhead. Took us like an hour to wake you up. 

Lorcan: Sorry, I had to study for my exams.

Jessica: You're working hard on your test on Monday, it's Saturday. A weekend for you to relax. Now, don't sound so surprised. I made pancakes, your favorite.

Lorcan: Look, the special food, being extra nice to me, you guys don't have to do all this.

Jessica: Of course we do. We met you at the hospital, eight years ago. When you had nowhere to go, we gave you a home. You know how much we're sorry for the loss of your twin brother.

Mike: Don't worry. Tell us.

Lorcan: Okay, I'm gay.

Jessica: That wasn't so bad. So, you're gay. (Kiss Lorcan in the cheeks) I got to get to work. Put the dishes in the sink for me, will you?

Lorcan: Kay mom.

Mike and Jessica left the house, Lorcan put the dishes in the sink before sitting in the living room and watch TV. She holds the remote and change the channels. She hears a phone ringing and answer it.

Lorcan: Hello?

Emmy: Hey, Lorcan! Remember me?

Lorcan: Hey Emmy, what's up?

Emmy: I'm just calling if you want to go see a movie with me and Sophie.

Lorcan:  Sure. What movie?

At the movie theatre, Lorcan run to her best friends, Emmy and Sophie. They've been best friends since they were in the same organization. They have something in common, they both lost their parents in a car accident, they love music and look up to the Power Rangers as their heroes.

Sophie: There she is.

Emmy: You alright?

Lorcan: Sorry, I had to wash my face before leaving.

Emmy: You're alright.

Lorcan: So, what movie do you wanna see?

Emmy: They're showing that Alien Zombie movie.

Lorcan: Cool. Let's go in!

Inside of the movie theater. Lorcan, Sophie and Emmy are holding their popcorn and drinks while they find their places to sit. They see Eliot, he is the high school bully who bullied Lorcan.

Sophie: If it isn't Eliot, the high school bully.

Lorcan: Ugh. You were planning to have sex with me, you're out of luck. I'm a lesbian.

Eliot: Yeah right. Now do me a favor and shut up. The movie's about to start.

Lorcan, Sophie and Emmy came up with a good idea. To get Eliot kicked out of the cinema. Lorcan knows Eliot's phone number and dial it. When Eliot's phone number rings so loudly.

Eliot: Did you three do this?

Emmy: No.

Eliot: Okay.

Eliot turns back to watch the movie. Emmy winks at Sophie to dial him again. This time, Eliot's getting annoyed.


The Manager walked up to him.

Theatre Manager:  Excuse me. I'm the manager.

Eliot: Good. (Points at Lorcan, Sophie and Emmy) Escort them out!

Emmy: What? We're just three innocent girls who're trying to watch the movie.

Lorcan: It's true.

Sophie: I can't even make it to the toilet.

Theatre Manager: I've had a lot of complaints about you talking during the movie. I'm gonna need to ask you to leave.

Eliot: This is an outrage! Ridiculous!

Eliot walked out in anger. Lorcan smiles at Emmy and Sophie. She's proud of them for that prank.

At JFK High, Lorcan and Emmy walked inside. They meet up with their friend, Jake Thompson.

Jake: I can't believe you girls done that to Eliot!

Lorcan: That's what he gets for the abuse.

Emmy: Yep. What a fucking perv.

Just then, they see everyone watching something on TV. Lorcan ran up to Sophie

Lorcan: What's going on?

Sophie: The Power Rangers! Both Lightspeed Rescue and Time Force teamed up!

They watched the twelve Power Rangers fight Vypra, Quarganon, and the 5 Demon Warriors. After the Demon Warriors are destroyed, Carter fights Quarganon while Wes fights Vypra, but both Carter and Wes are easily outmatched. Carter draws the line when Quarganon unpleasantly says "It's been fun, but I've had enough" so he and Wes upgrade to their battlizers. As Vypra and Quarganon charge at the rangers, Wes leads Carter, Eric, Joel, and Chad to perform the final strike. The finishing blast finally destroys both Vypra and Quarganon. The 12 rangers pose as Vypra explodes in front of them.

Lorcan: Whoa. That's so awesome. Anyway, I gotta get going. See you at lunch.

Bully: I hope one day I will find out the identities are, Darcy-Turd.

Lorcan: Yeah, right diaper-boy.

Everyone laughs and Lorcan walked away from her friends and goes to her locker. She sees a beautiful girl. She's a cheerleader to the football team. Her name is Lucy Baine. She was accepted by her friends that she's also a lesbian. She smiles at Lorcan as she walked by.

Lucy looked at her reflection in the mirror. Her sister, Kimmy arrived in to use the stalls.

Kimmy: You're in love with her, Aren't you?

Lucy: Yeah. I heard the rumors that she lost her twin brother, eight years ago.

Kimmy: How'd you know that?

Lucy: Mom and Dad talked about it. Look, I have a huge crush on her for a long time! I'm embarrassed to confess.

Kimmy: Why not get to know her?

Lucy: Okay.

Emmy walked into the bathroom and wash her hands.

Emmy: Let me guess, Lucy, you're obsessed with Lorcan?

Lucy: Yeah. What am I going to do? She is very cute and I don't know what to do!

Emmy: Lucy, I got an idea. Why not buy her something?

Kimmy: Yeah. And don't write your name.

Lucy: Oooh, a secret admirer. Good idea.


  • India Eisley as Lorcan Darcy/Lady Purple, A lesbian who's a social outcast at her high school. She kills the Highly Criminal Organization as revenge for torturing her and murdered her twin brother, She falls in love with Lucy.
    • Cailey Fleming as the ten years old Lorcan.
  • AJ Michalka as Lucy Baine/ Lucky Babe, A Popular girl whose older brother works for the Organization, which she against. She falls in love with Lorcan.
  • Hayley Orrantia as Emmy Appleton, Lorcan and Lucy's best friend who was Lorcan's roommate at the organization. Unlike the other kids who are mean to her, she is very friendly to her.
  • Camilia Mendes as Kimmy Baine, Lucy's sister and one of Lorcan's friends. She is openly bisexual.
  • Courteney Cox as Helga, the leader of the Highly Criminal Organization who tortures and sexually abuses Lorcan when she was ten. She is the arch nemesis of both Lorcan and Lucy.
  • John C. MacDonald as Jake Thompson, Lorcan's best friend and hopeless admirer who revealed to be an unstable stalker who obsessed with her.
  • Charlie McDermott as Eliot, Lorcan's enemy and bully. Until he discovers that she knows Helga. He becomes her ally to take her down.
  • Jacob Tremblay as Cillian Darcy, Lorcan's older twin brother who died after being shot by Helga when they were ten.
  • Lochlyn Munro as Peter Darcy, Cillian and Lorcan's abusive father who thinks that giving birth to Lorcan is a accident.
  • Mädchen Amick as Molly Darcy, Cillian and Lorcan's abusive mother who's homophobic.
  • Rachel Matthews as Vanessa, Cillian and Lorcan's cousin who wants to return the favor to Lorcan as a thank you for saving her from being punished.
  • Brec Bassinger as Sophie, Lorcan and Emmy's best friend who is abused and tortured by Helga. She's the reason who come up with a plan to escape. 
  • Joaquin Phoenix as Officer Mike Marsh, Lorcan's adopted father and Jessica's husband.
  • Michelle Williams as Jessica Marsh, Lorcan's adopted mother and Mike's wife. 

Additionally, Jenny Slate portrays as Lorcan's social worker Emily Campbell, Aubrey Plaza portrays Auntie Molly Darcy, Ciara Hanna appears in the mid credits scene as Gia Moran, the Megaforce/Super Megaforce Yellow Ranger with Jason David Frank as Tommy Oliver, the Mighty Morphin Green Ranger, while Luke Perry appears in a posthumous cameo, as a dogwalker who gives Lorcan some advice.




  • It was 128 minutes long.
  • The film is rated R for sexual content, graphic nudity, language throughout, thematic elements and brief violence.
  • Luke Perry makes a posthumous cameo due to his death on March 4th.


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