LMBW the Trilogy is a 2022 american dark comedy film. It's the 4th installment of the LMBW films.


Roseann's brother was mysteriously kidnapped. But a new user claims to have her brother. Who is this new user or is it a just a dupe account? Roseann better find out who kidnapped her brother and where he's at. But Roseann won't go through all this alone.


Emma Roberts as Roseann

Ben Affleck as Clutch

Kristen Connolly as Hans

Seth Rogen as Repcom

Lindsay Lohan as Caysie

Jonah Hill as Gameking

Mary Elizabeth Winstead as Chipika

Justin Bieber as Klintrin

Adam Brody as Gay Man #2

Tom Cruise as Brick

Jack Black as Marro

Nico Tortellera as Super Smash Marth

Kristen Bell as Katuchim

Scarlett Johansson as Niko

Chris Pine as Kat

Theme Song

Gwen Stefani vs. Rick James - Hollaback Girl vs

Gwen Stefani vs. Rick James - Hollaback Girl vs. Give It To Me Baby

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