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This is the 75th episode of LMBW the TV Show. It is also the 3rd episode of the 7th season.

Plot Summary

Slicer squinted his eyes to get a better look at the mysterious figure up at the tree. When he saw that the figure was wearing a Decapre-esque mask on their face, he dropped his tacos, and ran back inside of the LMBW mansion. He frantically started locking the front door of the mansion in case the mysterious woman tried to get in. The usual crew came to see what was going on with Slicer.

"There's a strang-" Slicer's words were cut as a loud knock was heard on the front door. The whole usual crew got startled as the mysterious woman started breaking in through the front door. The loud noises stopped for some moments before a loud "crash" and broken glass were heard coming from the kitchen. Before any of them knew them knew it, the mysterious lady hd arrived to the room where they were at.

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