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*Alemas (Voice)
*Alemas (Voice)
[[Category:LMBW the TV Show Episodes]]
[[Category:LMBW the TV Show Episodes]]
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[[Category:LMBW the TV Show Season 7]]
[[Category:LMBW the TV Show Season 7]]

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This is the 73rd episode of the whole series, overall. It is also the first episode of the 7th season of the LMBW TV Show.

Summary Plot Edit

Agent Spy was interrogating Chi. Apperantly, Chi was the last one to have been with the missing heroes from the previous season....LMBW was currently in need of heroes. After the interrogation was over, Spy asked Chi one last question...

"Any ideas of what we should do now with the lack of heroes," he asked.

Chi stared at him...."What if a new usual crew is created, a 5th one, and hope to god it'll stay more revelant like the first two than the later two," she suggested.

Agent Spy pulled out his 'master' walkie talkie and called the headmaster of LMBW, Alemas, who had now taken charge of LMBW. "Alemas sir," Agent Spy paused for a moment "We need a 5th usual crew."

  • The Screen Goes Black*
  • The title of "LMBW the TV Show Season 7" shows on the black screen and the song "The Golden Age" by The Asteroids Galaxy Tour starts playing.*
  • The black screen and title fade away, as we are now shown the city of LMBW, and intro credits start*
  • We are shown to 4 indiviuals (Psychos, Lilac, Slicer, and NXTein) who are to become part of 5th usual crew make their way through the city of LMBW, and finally reach the LMBW mansion*
  • Music, and credits stop. Audio now goes back to the happenings of the show*

Psycho, Lilac, Slicer, and NXTein all coincidentally arrived at the LMBW mansion at the same time. They would be living in the LMBW mansion together with several other users for a few months. Once inside of the mansion, they were greeted by Packachoo. Packachoo introduced the 4 users to the other 7 users that they would be living together with. Those 7 users were Aok, LEGOfan2010, Mish, Niara, HappyNinjaGirl, Pythor, and Starrocks. Psycho thought that all this was really cool, but oh boy was he wrong.

Users Appearing Edit

  • Psycho
  • Lilac
  • Slicer
  • NXTein
  • Packachoo
  • Aok
  • LEGOFan2010
  • Mish
  • Niara
  • HappyNinjaGirl
  • Pythor
  • Starrocks
  • Agent Spy
  • Chi
  • Alemas (Voice)
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