This is the 72nd episode of the LMBW TV Show, and 10th and last episode of the 6th season of the LMBW TV Show.

Summary Plot

Soon Littal Brothaner Dylon, and his buddies arrived at the LMB HQs. Squash, Vortixx, and Cake quickly started attacking the guards at the entrance of the LMB HQs, as the Dylon brothers entered the LMB HQs. Oceanbella spotted the brothers. She ordered the two people (WhiteAlligator, and Keighlian) that were at her side to kill the brothers. Oceanbella then quickly rushed upstairs to the highest story of the building to where Pauline was being kept under captive of unwillingness, tied to a chair.

Meanwhile, Batty, Techno and Rus quickly entered the LMB HQs to save the Dylon brothers from getting killed, as BCGirl entered, too. Big Brothaner Dylon told BCGirl that Oceanbella went upstairs, so BCGirl immediately ran upstairs! Batty did a leg grab on Keigh, and head slammed him hard to the floor, killing him. WA was able to knock out Rus, but Techno proved to be a challenge. When Techno had WA grabbed in his arms, he pulled out his blade, and stabbed it into WA's chest, killing her.

BCGirl arrived to the room where Oceanbella had Pauline tied up. Oceanbella had a gun pointing to Pauline's head. BCGirl pulled out her razorang.

"Not so fast, for I have the crystal of time in my hand," said Oceanbella as her lips tightened.

"What exactly is the threat in that," BCGirl asked suspecting something bad would happen next.

"Silly BCGirl, you see, I am your mother, and with this crystal I'll go back in time and fix everything...You and me will be together," Oceanbella said. She then let out a wicked laugh.

"B-but I thought that Mrs.Klint was my real mother," cried out BCGirl her eyes getting watery.

"She is who I left you to take care....but looks like she left you, soon as I gave you to her," Oceanbella explained.

BCGirl then yelled "This makes no sense, I don't even know who my real family is anymore!"

"Now child, you have two options....either start over or end it here," Oceanbella told her.

BCGirl fell to her knees, motionless.

Suddenly, the Dylon brothers quickly came in rushing into the room. Big Dylon tackled OB to the floor, as Littal Dylon untied Pauline from the chair she was tied to. Big Dylon started wrestling with Oceanbella in the floor, but Bella obviously had more skillsthan Big Dylon did, so she ended up kicking him across the room. Just then the rest of Dylon's team mates entered the room. The all pulled out their guns ad pointed them at Oceanbella! Oceanbella then immediately slammed the crystal of time to the floor, breaking it.

"NOOOOO," cried out Pauline!

As soon as the crystal broke into tiny parts, a big blast of light filled the whole room, blinding every one for a few minutes....

Littal Brothaner Dylon opened his eyes. He was in a empty lab test room. He was wearing nothing except for a white robe. He got out of the room, and found an exit to the building he was currently in. He thought that it was awfully strange that no one was around, but his thoughts came to a stop as he got out of the building. To his horror he witnessed something that made him feel themost terrified he'd ever felt before. He screamed, but no one would be able to hear him now....blood everywhere.

Users Appearing

  • Littal Brothaner Dylon
  • Big Brothaner Dylon
  • Oceanbella
  • Batty
  • BCGirl
  • Techno
  • Rus
  • Squash
  • Vortixx
  • Cake
  • Keighlian
  • WhiteAlligator
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