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Overall, this is the 69th episode of the whole series.


Techno took BCGirl, Cake and Rus to the meeting room of his HQs. After everybody took a seat, BCGirl noticed that Cake was sniffing and rubbing his nose frequently.

"Cake, don't tell me you got infected by the zombie virus," BCGirl told him in an cautiously tone.

"Oh it's not that," Cake assured "before we got here I was smoking from a broken lightbulb and I ate baby shampoo."

"Wait how can you smo- " BCGirl was interrupted by Techno who told them to settle and that they need to get serious if they want to rescue Pauline from the corrupt MBs mods. Rus asked Techno if he'd located where the MBs mods are keeping Pauline under captive. Techno told Rus that he believes that the MBs mods are holding Pauline under captive at the snow resort. BCGirl was thinking hard before announcing that she came up with a perfect plan.

"What's the plan you got," Techno asked her.

"You'll see," BCGirl assured him with a smirk "But first we need weapons and have to arrive at the snow resort."

  • The episode then cuts to Littal Brothaner Dylon back at the cabin in the living forest*

Dylon put his book down. He had noticed that the cabin had gotten eerily quite and immediately he went to look for his older brother and younger sister. He wakes up Big Brothaner Dylon from the nap he was taking. Littal Dylon asks Big Dylon is he had seen Sistoner Dylon. Both Dylon brothers start freaking out when they discover that Sistoner Dylon isn't in the cabin.

"What if she went outside and the living trees killed her," Littal Dylon asked Big Dylon as he started freaking out even more.

"Sure bet she did. She was curious. Remember," Big Dylon said.

"What are we gonna do," Littal Dylon loudly asked.

Big Dylon didn't reply back to Littal Dylon. He was thinking, and got interrupted by a moaning noise coming from outside of the cabin. Littal Dylon looked outside from the closest window and sees zombies surrounding the cabin they're in!!!!!

Users Appearing

  • BCGirl
  • Techno
  • Cake
  • Rus
  • Littal Brothaner Dylon
  • Big Brothaner Dylon