Overall, this is the 56th episode in the series. It also the 7th episode of season 5.


Neh and Alemas were the only one's who were present at Arya's funereal. It was a sad day even if though the sun was shining bright.

"I can't believe it," Neh sighed ",It all just happened so unpredictably."

Alemas stared at Neh. He didn't say nothing. Alemas' phone then rang. He answered and the caller asked for Neh.

"It's for you," Alemas told Neh as he handed the phone to Neh.

"Who is this," Neh asked.

"It's the person who killed your stupid, Arya," the caller rudely said.

"I don't know who you are but I'll find you and track you down," Neh angrily stated.

Alemas whispered to Neh "It's Mamba Roseanne!"

"I'm hanging up," Neh told Roseanne.

"You hang up and I'll cut your throat until I see bone," Roseanne threatened.

"Eat me," Neh yelled ",Why won't you show yourself?!"

"I will very soon," Roseanne told him as she started wickedly laughing before hanging up.

Neh gave Alemas back his phone and both knew it was time to go on a rampage fury to hunt down Roseanne. Alemas sent a request to the Admin Team's HQs asking them to send Pauline with them through the time machine so she can help them track down Roseanne since Pauline's good with computers, technology and stuff.

Neh and Alemas discussed for the rest of the day wether they should kill the new or old Roseanne and what would be the effects.

"If we kill the new Roseanne then she will no longer exist but the effected past by her will remain the same," Alemas told Neh.

"And if we kill the old Roseanne," asked Neh.

"Simple," Alemas said ",she will no longer exist in the present and the past affected by her will no longer be."

"Killing the old Roseanne will be more beneficial so I'll go with that," Neh said.

"Old Roseanne it is," Alemas told Neh and he high-fived Neh.

"Let the fury rampage start," Neh announced.

Users Appearing

  • Neh
  • Alemas
  • Roseanne
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