This is the 55th episode, overall and the 6th episode of Season 5.


Ben Sharples had waited about a week for the date when Rys and Ana were murdered by Craig to arrive. It was night, he knew he had to arrive at Ana's house to avoid Craig from killing her and Rys in order to alter the present into a better place. He arrived at Ana's house. She was home alone. Ben spotted Craig taking a knocked out Rys to the back of the house. Ben followed. He was ready to kill Craig for killing a lot of his friends in the previous Halloween.

Ben waited for Ana to get the threatening phone calls from Craig before stepping up. When Craig was about to stab and kill a tied, bloody and bruised Rys, Ben interrupted.

"Hey," Ben called out to Craig.

"Da hell," Craig said before getting shot in the face by Ben.

Ben went over to untie Rys from the chair he was tied to.

"Who are you," Rys asked him

"I'll explain the situation to you once we find Ana," Ben assured him.

The two guys broke in Ana's house and found her hiding in a corner. Rys helped her up to her feet and told her what had happened.

"So you are," Ana asked Ben.

"Ben Sharples," Ben answered ", I was sent from the future to prevent your guys' deaths and some other quite gruesome deaths."

"You're kidding right," Rys skeptically asked.

"No for reals and now I must leave," Ben told them.

"Wait," Ana called out ", what will we do with erm- Craig's body and what will we tell the authorities?"

"Tell them he tried to kill you both but that you guys killed him in self-defense. Here take this gun with you guys for the hole in Craig's face," Ben instructed them.

Rys then told Ben ," You seem remarkably calm for a situation like this."

"Hey what can you do? Sometimes your buddies try to kill you. Now I must go," Ben said.

"Wait," Ana continued ", thanks for saving our lives and all but will we ever see you again?"

"In a year," Ben assured them before leaving the attempted crime scene.

Ben got back to his hotel room and sent a report to the Admin Team's HQs. In the message he told them that he had finished off Craig and saved both Ana and Rys and asked when he'll go back to present-day. Ire then sent him back a message. The message read:

"Dear, Ben thanks for your accomplish and altering the present a bit. We'll bring you back to the present-day, immediately. ATM we're dealing with Arya's unfortunate death and Mamba Roseanne. Alemas was sent back in time to help Neh go on a rampage fury to kill Mamba Roseanne. It's the only main problem we have at the moment.

                                        Yours truly, Ire; Codename:Jed.                                                        "

Users Appearing

  • Ben Sharples
  • Craig
  • Rys
  • Ana
  • Ire
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