Overall, this is the 54th episode. It is also the 5th episode of Season 5.


It was late at night. Pauline had just finished fixing the time machine and everybody at the Admin Team's HQs went to their homes. Once everyone left, Mamba Roseanne broke inside the building. She started to work on activating the time machine and set the date to early 2014, to the time when the usual crew 2 was about to move into the LMBW Mansion. So she got in the time machine, shut it and let it take her back to early 2014.

Once there, she used her locater to locate any beings from the future in order to find Neh and Arya. With luck she located them being at JDude's Gun Shop. Mamba Roseanne knew well that Neh and Arya were gonna purchase a gun to shoot and kill her past-self so she can no longer be anything in the present. She knew she had to stop them so she stole a passer-by's car and headed over to JDude's shop. Arya and Neh were just walking out of the gun shop when Roseanne drove by and shot a few bullets at them before driving off. Arya had been shot in the stomach!!!!


Arya was taken to the local LMBW hospital. Roseanne discovered this and she decided to kill her as a warning to the admin team to not alter the present. Neh at the mean time sent a report to the Admin Team's HQs, asking for one of them travel to early 2014 and help him in the situation. He also gave them the horrible news about Arya being in critical conditions. After hearing about the horrible news, the Admin Team knew that they would have to send help to Neh and Arya. They also had a feeling that Roseanne may have used the time travel machine to go back in time.

"What are we gonna do," asked Spy.

"Well," Madkat continued ",we have to send someone back in time to help Neh and Arya."

Ire then asked ,"But who?"

"I'll do it," Alemas volunteered.

After this the admin team had to debate wether Alemas was the one that should be sent back in time. Finally, they came up with a "yes" for Alemas to go travel back in time. So they immediately started working on sending Alemas back to early 2014.....


Neh just left the hospital. He didn't know if he should leave Arya alone at the hospital. He took a risk and decided not to stay with Arya. He stayed at a hotel that night.

1 hour later

Arya was sleeping inside the LMBW hospital. Little did she know that Mamba Roseanne was waiting in the parking lot of the hospital for the clock to strike 3 am. Around 3 am was when the LMBW Hospital got pretty lonely. Mamba Roseanne planned on killing Arya. So when the clock hit 3 am, Rose got out of her 79' Coveret and walked inside the hospital. She started whistling the same song that Arya had whistled when she had killed Lonely 2 years ago.

Roseanne walked down a hallway until she eventually reached the dressing room. She got in and started putting the mandatory nurse clothes on, while still whistling the tune. She then pulled out the shot that contained toxic in it from her purse. She gently layed it on a tray and headed out to the room where Arya was located at. Once in Arya's room, Mamba Roseanne got the shot and injected it unto Arya's heart, her reddish lips wickedly smiling. Once all done she got out of the room. "This will teach 'em Admin team to not mess with Mamba Roseanne", Roseanne said in a pleasing, yet wicked tone.

Users Appearing

  • Neh
  • Arya
  • Roseanne
  • Alemas
  • Ire
  • Spy
  • Madkat
  • Pauline
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