This is the 53rd episode, overall. It also the 4th episode of season 5.


The old Batty was the last one to come out of the portal. Everybody in the admin team's HQs stared at her, silently. Ire turned around to face both Madkat and Skul and broke the silence:

"Are you guys crazy," Ire yelled ", do you guys know that Batty not being present during the Klint massacre or Craig massacre could ruin the present!?"

"Don't worry Klint's dead. Now hopefully Neh, Arya or Ben Sharples will take care of Craig," assured the present-day Batty.

"Woa so this is the future, how cool," past-day Batty over-hyped said.

Alemas then told her ",It's not cool we had to send some users to the past in order to alter the present into something that isn't crap like now!"

Ire, Skul, Spy and Madkat all then excused themselves to either rest at their homes or go find Pauline to fix the time machine and to help them locate Mamba Roseanne. This left Past and Present-day Batties and Alemas alone at the admin team's HQs.

"So say how many years is this after 1995," asked past-day Batty.

"Only 20 years," Alemas answered.

"Cool," past-day Batty went on ",but what's up with me?"

"You got a problem by the way I look or something," present-day Batty skeptically asked.

"Calm down, I just wanna know why much change," past-day Batty asked.

"Ladies maybe we should drop this conversation," Alemas warned.

Present-day Batty then said ,"Hold on Alemas. I wanna hear what I have to say to myself. So what do you mean by "much changes"?"

"Well you seem to have became a strict noob," past-day Batty said in a rather calm voice.

"I think that i'm gonna go leave," Alemas said feeling that something bad would happen. He immediately left to work on stuff in his office, leaving the two Batties arguing.

"FYI I was useless as hell," present-day Batty told the other Batty.

"What does "FYI" even mean," snapped past-day Batty ", and that is so not true!"

"So true," present-day Batty went on ", the most memorable thing you ever did was get pregnant and you're about a week pregnant ATM."

"Wow really," past-day Batty asked.

"Yea," present-day Batty answered ", now if you excuse me I gotta go see Alemas."

Present-day Batty left the other Batty by herself and went to go check on Alemas at his office. Once there, Batty flirted a bit with Alemas. They were about to kiss each other but were interrupted by Pauline.

"Is this not normal," Pauline asked ", and who brought the 90's Batty and BTW Spy and Ire are back."

"No, no, no it's alright. Any news," Alemas asked her.

"Yea Arya and Neh have sent a report asking if they should kill past-day Roseanne," Pauline reported/asked.

"Tell them to go ahead," Alemas ordered Pauline.


Mamba Roseanne as usual had been spying on the admin team. She knew that she would have to travel back to early 2014 as soon as possible to avoid Neh and Arya from killing her past-self. Otherwise, she will not exist in present-day. Planning would have to start- and quickly!

Users Appearing

  • Alemas
  • Batty
  • Batty (1995 Version)
  • Ire
  • Spy
  • Roseanne
  • Skul
  • Madkat
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