Overall, this is the 52nd episode. It also the 3rd episode of season 5.


Madkat and Skul looked around asking peeps for the exact date they were on. They then found Chi walking down the street. The boys ran up to her and asked her for the exact date.

"It's the 28th of January in 1995," Chi told them.

Skul then started to remember all the events that happened on the exact date. His eyes grew with fear as he remembered what happened on the day. He turned to face Kat and informed him that the MCP HQs would open today and that Gameking would be there to blow up the HQs and kidnap Roseanne!

"You guys are coming as well," Chi asked them, confused.

"Yea," Skul told her.

"You awfully look like an older version of Skul," Chi told Skul.

Skul obviously knew she was talking about the young him but he didn't tell her anything about the "time traveling" stuff.

"Can you take us to the MCP HQs," Mad asked Chi.

Chi agreed to take them there and they arrived there in approximately 13 minutes. Once there, Mad and Skul excused themselves and ran behind the HQs. There they found Gameking setting up the bombs that would destroy the MCP HQs. Madkat pulled out his blue laser bean gun and pointed it at Gameking's head. Skul commanded Gameking to freeze.

"Who the hell are you guys," Gameking asked them.

"None of your damn business," Mad went on ",now don't press the activate button or I'll shoot!"

"Too bad," Gameking said before wickedly laughing and pressing the activation button.

Madkat immediately shot him in the head, killing him. Once Gameking fell dead to the floor, Skul and Mad started working on deactivating the bombs. They only had 58 seconds left before the bombs would explode. Mad ripped apart some wires that connected from the bombs to the back of the building with his bare hands and all his strength. This deactivated the bombs, but left some extremely painful looking slashes on Mad's hands. Skul took off his shirt , tore it half and tied a half on each of Kat's hands to stop the bleeding.

Skul pulled out his "time travel" walkie talkie and got in contact with Spy.

"You guys done," Spy asked them.

"Yea," Skul continued ",but Mad is bleeding a bit."

"Alemas is working on sending you guys some "time pops" for you guys to come back," Spy informed them.

"How will he send them to us and where are our other traveling companions," Skul asked.

"He'll send them through a portal that should appear any minute now and for your companions...well Roseanne messed up the time machine and sent each of you to different time periods," Spy told Skul.

"Great news and that sucked but has anybody else came back, yet," Skul asked.

"Only Batty," Spy said ", she killed Klint and altered the present by a bit."

Skul then fare welled Spy before hanging up. The "time pops" later came. Batty (1995 version) had caught Skul in his conversation with Spy. She waited for Skul and Mad to suck on the "travel pops". A huge portal then built. Mad and Skul walked in and Batty quickly rushed out from the tree she was hiding and barely made it through the portal!

Users Appearing

  • Madkat
  • Skul
  • Gameking
  • Chi
  • Spy
  • Batty (1995 Version)
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