This is the 51st episode, overall. It also the 2nd episode of Season 5.


Mad, Batty, Skul, Neh, Arya and Ben all got in the time machine.

"You guys will be first sent off to 1995 to kill Gameking and alter the present by a bit," Ire told them.

Mamba Roseanne was hiding under a table that was near by the time machine. She had to sabotage them and send them each to a different time period to make their mission harder. Ire gave the green light to Alemas to pull the time machine switch. Quickly, Roseanne crawled out of the table and ran towards the back of the time machine! Spy spotted her and immediately ran after her. Roseanne then pulled out her small pocket knife and cut one of the wires that connected to the time machine just before the 6 missioners were sent back in time.

"No," Ire yelled.

"Hell yes," Mamba Roseanne excitedly said.

Just then Spy jumped on top Rose. The two got in a fight.

"Nice to see you back with an eye missing," Spy told Rose.

"Don't feel confident yet," Rose snapped as she punched him hard in the face and Spy fell to the floor, knocked out.

Alemas pulled out his gun and started aiming at Mamba Roseanne. Rose dodged all his bullets. She then pulled out her pocket knife and threw it at Alemas, barely missing him. She then climbed the walls and crashed out through a window. Ire went to help Alemas.

"What now," Alemas asked Ire.


Batty opened her eyes. She looked around and thought that the place she was in was seriously not 1995. She also found it strange that none of her companions were with her. The near by phone rang and this made Batty realize that she was in 2013 in the time event when Klint attacked and almost killed her! And predictably, Klint came rushing out of the near by closet to kill her with his sharp, long knife!

Batty bent over and Klint fell over her. She then grasped the knife out of his hand and held the tip of it at Klint's neck.

"Go ahead, do it," Klint yelled at her.

Batty's hand was shaking. She had never killed someone by knife. Even though she had killed Klint with gun before, she felt very strange having to kill with knife. She closed her eyes and pushed the knife through Klint's neck, killing him.....

Skul and Madkat both were sent to 1995.

"Woa this is cool and all but where's everybody else," asked Skul.

"Someone must have sabotaged the time machine," Madkat continued ",probably Mamba Roseanne."

"Hey dude we need to go find Gameking. I bet the team will find a way to fix the time machine," Skul told Madkat.

The two men then went out on their quest.

Users Appearing

  • Alemas
  • Batty
  • Klint
  • Madkat
  • Ire
  • Spy
  • Rose
  • Skul
  • Arya
  • Neh
  • Ben
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