This is the 50th episode, overall. It is also the first episode for Season 5.


Arya was sleeping inside the LMBW hospital. Little did she know that Mamba Roseanne was waiting in the parking lot of the hospital for the clock to strike 3 am. Around 3 am was when the LMBW Hospital got pretty lonely. Mamba Roseanne planned on killing Arya. So when the clock hit 3 am, Rose got out of her 79' Coveret and walked inside the hospital. She started whistling the same song that Arya had whistled when she had killed Lonely 2 years ago.

Roseanne walked down a hallway until she eventually reached the dressing room. She got in and started putting the mandatory nurse clothes on, while still whistling the tune. She then pulled out the shot that contained toxic in it from her purse. She gently layed it on a tray and headed out to the room where Arya was located at. Once in Arya's room, Mamba Roseanne got the shot and injected it unto Arya's heart, her reddish lips wickedly smiling. Once all done she got out of the room. "This will teach 'em Admin team to not mess with Mamba Roseanne", Roseanne said in a pleasing, yet wicked tone.

2 months earlier

"What are we going to do", Madkat continued ,"most LMBW users have turned against us!" Ire turned around to face Madkat. "Many have been lost in the last 5 years, we can not afford to lose more", Ire told him. "Any suggestions in what we should do", Alemas asked his fellow admin peers. "The MCP", suggested Spy. "Impossible", Ire shouted. "Yea, the MCP team broke up a year ago after the Craig killing spree", Madkat informed. "Good", Spy went on ,"Cause their will be a team reunion coming up!"

For the following week the 4 only alive admin team members went to find The whole MCP team but they had no luck and only found Chi. So then they decided to get support from willingly LMBW users. They were then able to gather Batty, Peat, Neh, Arya, Skul, Keplers, Pauline and Ben Sharples. They had a meeting that night on what they should do to save the LMB Wiki. Alemas said, "I think we should use the time machine". "You guys have a time machine", asked Peat. "Yea", Madkat continued,"any ideas on how we can bring peace to LMBW with the time machine?"

"OMG this is super cool", Pauline excitedly yelled. Batty saw the scars that Klint had left on Pauline's face from the previous Halloween and she twitched at the horrible memories that came to her mind. "What if we go back in time and kill the bad seeds in the bunch", Neh suggested. "Good idea", Arya went on ",that would alter the timeline and change the present to a better place!" "But what about Roseanne", Peat asked ,"she was never caught and what if she's planning something right now?" "We can deal with her after the timeline has been altered," Ire answered. "Who would have to time travel back in time", Skul asked. "Me," Madkat said. "Mad's in, who else," asked Alemas. By the end of the discussion, the team had agreed that Mad, Batty, Skul, Neh, Arya and Ben would all be the ones to travel back in time.

Mamba Roseanne who had been spying on them decided that it would be best to make a move on the LMBW Admin team now or never.

Users Appearing

  • Madkat
  • Alemas
  • Ire
  • Spy
  • Chi
  • Batty
  • Peat
  • Neh
  • Arya
  • Skul
  • Keplers
  • Pauline
  • Ben Sharples
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