This is the 45th episode. It aired on MTV.


Neh, DC, SP and BennyBoy were all at the MCP station. They were being interviewed by Brick, Batty while Zappy typewrote everything being said. When DC told them that he saw Klint holding BCGirl arms. Batty and Brick were both alarmed by this. Batty suggested to Brick to go to the abondoned LMBW mansion from see if Klint was hiding in there.

Brick and Batty headed over there. Neh, DC, SP and Benny suggested that they come with them, but Brick denied them this. Zappy the typewrite guy decided to go to the abondoned LMBW Mansion to see if he get a big scoop for "The Daily Globet".


BCGirl woke up and found herself in the abondoned LMBW mansion. She got freaked out when she saw Klint next to her. She thought that he would kill her, but instead he should signs of awe. BCGirl saw a nearby knife laying on the floor. She started telling Klint that she could help him, to distract him from seeing her grab the knife. She quickly grasped for it and stabbed it onto Klint's left shoulder. She started running upstairs to hide.

Zappy arrived first at the mansion. As soon as he entered, Klint saw him and he rushed towards him!

Users appearing

  • BCGirl
  • Batty
  • Klint
  • Brick
  • Zappy
  • Neh
  • DC
  • SP
  • Bennyboy
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