This is the 40th episode. It aired on MTV.


As soon as the usual crew 3 comes back to the LMBW Mansion, BCGirl is forced to deal with the scandalization of her own attack by ambitious tabloid television newsman TheShadowAssassin, who was the author of a tell-all book revealing the promiscuous affair between BCGirls's mother and her deceased killer, Klint. Craig is also taken out of jail for lack of evidence that he was the one who attacked BCGirl.

At school, BCGirl is in the library with her friends Pauline & Neh. They are making plans for Halloween night, and BCGirl notices The clown masked man staring at her from outside the window. Pauline is asking BCGirl to babysit Cake's daughter, Caktie for her that night, so Pauline and her boyfriend BM can have sex. While they are talking about it, BCGirl sees the masked clown man a few times, then finally she looks back and he's gone.

On the way home from school. The trio see the clown masked man watching them, and Neh and Pauline make fun of him. Pauline tells the masked man that her father is the sheriff as Neh jokingly asking him if he wants them. He eventually walks away. Pauline's Dad pulls up in his Sheriff's car, and gives Pauline a ride to the LMBW Mansion. Neh and BCGirl talk about how it would suck to have a sheriff for a Dad, then head their separate ways. BCGirl is followed home by masked man.

It's now the Halloween evening, and BCGirl is sitting out front handing out candy with Shaymin. Pauline comes by to pick up BCGirl to drop her off at the Kat's house. Laurie is babysitting Caktie that night. After BCGirl leaves, LSB is finishing off his cig as he goes back into the mansion, he is confront by the clown masked man. At first he jumps back because he seemed to of appeared out of nowhere, thinking he is just someone dressed up, LSB doesn't move away, instead the clown masked man lunges at LSB with his knife. The man busts into the LMBW mansion and kills LSB with Shaymin escaping and the rest of the usual crew 3 not being at the mansion.

Users appearing

  • BCGirl
  • TheShadowAssassin
  • Pauline
  • Neh
  • Craig
  • LSB
  • Shaymin
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