This is the 39th episode and it aired on MTV.


Brick came to on a chair next to two MCP Sergeants being tortured by corrupt VSTF for info. He looked to his left just in time to see one's circuits being blown out of its head, its eyes flickering off.

"Wh... Where am I?"

A VSTF solder told him to shut up or he would be dead.

"Let me go!" The other Captain shouted.

A voice with a thick Russian accent answered.

"Welcome to hell, Captain. Now, tell us where the LMBW mansion is."

The Captain broke. "It's in the LMBW... Right around the block from the chat..."

The Russian VSTF beat the robot to death with a metal pipe. "Thank you, Captain..."

"I'm gonna kill you all!!!" Brick shouted. Just then, Mad with his P90 and BCGirl with her M1911, dressed in their full MCP uniforms, rappelled through the window, killing the Russian and the other VSTF officer. Mad untied Brick from the chair.

"Thanks, Mad... You saved my life..."

"Let's not get gay just yet, boys. We gotta get out of here first. Out chopper was shot down by their flak cannons. However, we saw a drone Harrier back there, and an MCP Corvan." BCGirl said.

Brick stole an M4 from one of the VSTF and ran to the hangar where the Harrier and the van were waiting. Brick activated the vertical lift on the Harrier and fastened heavy duty cable to it, then to the van. Brick got back into the Harrier, still floating in the air, and took off with Mad in the passneger seat and BCGirl standing in the back. When they were right above the LMBW area, about 50,000 feet from the ground. Brick got out and slid down the cable and into the van. He pressed a button on a remote control, and the cable snapped. The van fell fast forward and down at the same time, as to make the rear end sag downward mid-air. "This is gonna be rough!" Brick floored the gas, boosting the MPH meter to 60... 80... 100... 120... The van landed with a loud crash, heavily damaging the rear end of the van. "Man, the guys in the garage really perfected the suspension..." Brick said. He sped through the streets, threading the needle between cars as they all honked. "There's the LMBW, dead ahead." Brick told them. Just then, a bus pulled out in front of Brick. He slammed on the brakes and swerved, but the van started flipping over multiple times before landing on its wheels, all doors removed, glass shattered, tires popped, and body scratched, dinged, and dented heavily. They all crawled out from the van, bleeding and bruised, but no broken bones.

"Well... There goes Annie." Brick said.

"Annie...?" Mad and BCGirl said at the same time.

"What? All the MCP vehicles have names! Isn't that normal to name your car?"

The others stared in awkward silence at Brick.

Users appearing

  • Brick
  • Annie
  • Mad
  • BCGirl
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