This is the 26th and finale episode of season 2 of the LMBW the TV Show. It aired on August, 2014 on MTV.


Brick, Neh and Spy met up with Marcel, Peat, Lein, Harold and BM near the LMBW Snow Resort. They had tracked down Loney in the snow resort. They just couldn't get inside.

Meanwhile, Arya had broken in the Snow Resort, she knew Loney was there and that she would finally get her revenge. She found herself in a empty room. Arya noticed that the empty room had a balcony. On the balcony Loney was standing. Loney asked her if she had come for revenge and Arya replied with a "yes."

"Very well", said Loney and he walked out of the Arya's view. Suddenly a bunch of ninjas came out of nowhere. Arya knew that she would have to battle them. Before she knew it she was fighting with the ninja men. She sliced one, two and counting on. Arya had won the battle.

She ran outside of Snow Resort and found Loney walking away. She called out his name and he turned to face her. Loney then pulled out a ninja sword as a warning to get ready to battle. Arya also pulled out her ninja sword and she was more than ready to finish off Loney. They started battling.

After a while of battling with ninja swords, Arya was able to stab Loney in the stomach as revengeful asian music started playing. Loney fell to the floor and blood sprayed on the clean white snow. Arya walked away leaving Loney to die in the cold snow. She found the usual crew 2.0 along with Brick at the entrance of LMBW Snow Resort.

Everybody started questioning Arya about what had happened to Loney and and she simply told them, "He got what he was to get." Nobody said a word after that and they walked to their van. Arya started whistling the whistle song from Kill Bill once more.

Users appearing

  • Arya
  • Brick
  • Loney
  • Marcel
  • Harold
  • BM
  • Peat
  • Lein
  • Spy
  • Neh
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