This is the 25th episode of LMBW the TV Show. It aired on August, 2014 on MTV.


Marcel called the MCP after stealing Loney's car.

Operator: Main Chat Patrol, what is your emergency?

Marcel: Yeah, uh, some guy named Loney tried to kill us.

Operator: OK, can I have your location?

Marcel: We're on the 10 interstate highway, just before the California-Arizona border. Oh, and we need Brick personally.

Operator: OK, we'll send some units down there right away, and an ambulance. Stay calm and if anyone is injured, get first aid.

Marcel: OK, thanks.

Marcel hung up and waited for the MCP to arrive. Finally, an MCP Vandura ambulance, an MCP Interceptor, and an MCP Ford Deluxe came over the hill. the convoy stopped next to Harold and Marcel. Brick got out of the driver's seat of the Interceptor. He asked where Loney went and Marcel said he didn't know. Brick told them to get in the Deluxe and go to Georgia. Brick got into the Interceptor and turned around and put his wail siren on. He had modded it so it sounded like the Mad Max Interceptor siren. Brick kept driving until he saw a purple Mustang being driven by Lady Gaga going the other way. He drifted around a space in the barrier and started chasing her. Lady Gaga swerved to the left to avoid an off ramp. Brick ended up going off the freeway and had to get back on. The MCP robot in the passenger seat grabbed a double barelled shotgun and aimed it at Gaga. Gaga saw the robot aiming at her and put both feet on the brake. Brick spun out into the dirt as Gaga sped off in her Mustang. With a stalled engine, a broken headlight, and a torn off hood, he started the car again and resumed the chase. Brick was questioning how Gaga was still alive after Brick threw her out of the van last night. He didn't care, though. All he wanted was Gaga dead. Brick pulled the car ever closer and gave Gaga the PIT. Brick's car was too light, and after Lady Gaga spun out, Brick did, too. Gaga started flipping and eventually blew up. Brick's Interceptor kept rolling and after 10 rolls, the car came to a rest on its roof. Brick climbed out the window, badly cut and bruised. the MCP robot was destroyed. Brick awaited a chopper to bring him back to Georgia.

Users appearing

  • Marcel
  • Brick
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