This is the 24th episode of LMBW the TV Show. It aired on August, 2014 on MTV.


It was the last week the usual crew 2.0 was gonna live together. BM, Marcel, Peat, Lein and Harold were gonna stay at the Playboy mansion for one more day. They were going back to Georgia to stay at the LMBW mansion for one last week.

Before they left the Playboy mansion, they kissed and said good-bye to the girls at the mansion. As they were driving through the dessert of Nevada on their way to Georgia, their van ran out of gas. Peat and Lein went walking to see if they could find any near-by gas station.

As BM, Marcel and Harold waited in the van. They noticed a car coming and start waving their hands to make the driver of the car stop their car. The driver did so. When they saw the driver get out they realized it was Loney! Little did they know what Loney was up to.

Loney then pulled out a gun and told them to raise their hands! The trio was confused but they obeyed. Suddenly Loney shot Harold in the chest and he fell to the ground and as soon as he did that BM and Marcel ran to hide themselves behind tehir van!

Loney ordered them to come out from behind the van. BM and Marcel came with a plan and only Marcel came out from behind the van. Marcel started making a poor attempt for time as BM pulled out a gun from inside the van. BM then shot Loney in the leg and Loney fell to the ground dropping his gun.

BM joined Marcel and they realized that Harold was still alive since he was wearing a vest the whole time. When they turned around to see Loney, the found him no where in sight. The stole Loney's car and went to go find Peat and Lein. Soon they would be going back home.

Users appearing

  • BM
  • Marcel
  • Lein
  • Peat
  • Harold
  • Loney
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