This is the 21st episode in LMBW the TV Show. It aired on July, 2014.


It was Arya's wedding day. Her wedding was a private one. She decided to held her wedding at the LMBW Mansion from season 1. She was gonna marry Loney. Her guests were, Cake, Caysie, Melt and Drew.

Everything was going great when suddenly Drew was shot dead! Arya was shocked! She quickly turned around and saw Rosean along with Lady Gaga and the Trix's Rabbit. The trio was holding guns. They then shot Caysie and Melt killing both of them. Arya turned around to face Loney. As soon as she did she was punched in the face by Loney. She fell to the ground and said "Why?" to Loney. Loney then shot her in the stomach and Arya fainted.

Two months passed and when she woke up she found herself in comma. She escaped from the hospital and stole a car. She headed over to the MCP HQs. There she found Brick along with Peat and Batty and Neh. Arya asked Brick what had happened at her wedding and he told her that she was betrayed by Loney and that they had kidnapped Cake again!!!!

Arya was so mad at Loney, Rose, Lady Gaga, and the Trix's rabbit that she felt like killing them right now. Arya asked Brick if he could train her to fight. Brick agreed and for the following Brick trained Arya until he tought she was ready.

Now the only thing she had to do was track Loney, Rose, Lady Gaga and The Trix's Rabbit. Soon The Bride would get her revenge.

Users appearing

  • Arya
  • Rose
  • Brick
  • Caysie
  • Drew
  • Melt
  • Batty
  • Peat
  • Neh
  • Loney
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