This is the 20th episode of LMBW the TV Show. It aired on July, 2014 on MTV.


Brick was told by Dan and Peat that Rose and Lady Gaga had taken Cake with a black van. Brick asked for more detail, and they said that the van didn't have any license plates or back windows, and the hubcaps were removed to show the factory 83B wheels. Brick asked for brand names, and Dan said he thinks it was a 70s Dodge. Satisfied with the info, Brick got into one of his special '70 MCP Camaros and picked up the radio, telling all MCP units to be on the lookout for a black 70s Dodge panel van with no license plates, windows, or hubcaps. Brick told Peat and Dan to get it as Brick turned the key in the ignition. The engine roared to life and he reved the engine twice to make himself look cool behind the wheel of a muscle car. Brick took off speeding down the street with his light and siren on. Finally a radio message came through saying that a foot patrol spotted the van. Brick was told the address and he turned around, cutting off another car and going over 80 MPH the other way towards the van. Dan, in the passenger seat, saw the van. Brick told Dan to take the wheel as Brick rolled down the window and climbed onto the hood of the car. Brick told Dan to get closer to the van, which had already noticed the gang in Brick's souped up cop car and was now topping 100 MPH on a crowded main road. Brick jumped for it and grabbed onto the ladder on the back of the van. He moved along the side of the van, hanging onto the roof rack as he inched to Rose's seat. Brick reached the driver's seat and opened the door. Rose put up a fight and punched Brick in the chest, but Brick pulled Rose out and she fell into the street. Lady Gaga threw punches at Brick, but he dodges them and kicks Lady Gaga out. Brick unties Cake, kepping one hand on the wheel, and they all drive back to the PB Mansion.

Users appearing

  • Brick
  • Cake
  • Lein (Dan)
  • Rose
  • Peat
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