This is the 19th episode of the LMBW the TV Show. It aired on July, 2014 on MTV.


Batty, Brick, Alemas, and JDude are afraid that Rose will hurt the new crew. So they buy airplane tickets to send them off to Los Angeles. All of them go except for Arya, Neh and Spy who decide to stay back in Georgia.

They stayed at the PB Mansion. BM, Harold, Lein and Marcel have to all share the same room, while Peat had to share the room with some of the girls at the PB mansion. Peat was really disgusted and decided to go around to explore around Los Angeles. It was getting dark and Peat really needed to go back to the PB Mansion. She spotted Lady Gaga and went to see if she could take some pictures with her to post on a LMBW blog.

Lady Gaga agreed to take pictures with Peat. Lady Gaga then asked Peat if she wanted to party down the strip. Peat said that she can't and that she really needs to go back to the PB Mansion. Lady Gaga gave her phone number in case she changed her mind and Peat headed over to the PB Mansion. At the PB Mansion, Peat was really disgusted by the people at mansion and she decided to go party with Lady Gaga instead.

Peat took Lein with her to go party with Lady Gaga. They met Lady Gaga behind a private bar. Suddenly a van stopped by and a man with a gun came out. He ordered the trio to get in the van if they didn't wan't to die. The trio obeyed. When they got in the back of the van they found Cake tied up in there. The man revealed himself to be Goggs and Rose was revealed to be driving the van! Lady Gaga then revealed herself to be working along with Rose and Goggs.

Peat asked Rose what they were gonna do with them and Rose said, "To kill you all!" Lein saw a gun near him laying on the floor. He quickly reached for it and grabbed it and shot Goggs in the head, killing him. He then opened the back doors of the van and took himself and Peat out of the van by jumping out. Just when they tought that they were safe, they realized that they had forgotten all about Cake! :O

Users Appearing In This Episode

  • BM
  • Harold
  • Peat
  • Lein
  • Marcel
  • Neh
  • Arya
  • Spy
  • Brick
  • Batty
  • Alemas
  • Jdude
  • Cake
  • Goggs
  • Rose
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