This is the 18th episode of the LMBW the TV Show. It aired on July, 2014 on MTV.


Arya begs to Batty to help the usual crew 2.0 to stop Rosean. Batty refuses until she sees Arya crying non-stop. Batty then tells Arya that she has two friends that could stop Rosean. Arya excitedly asks her who they are and Batty tells her that they are Batman and Superman.

Arya, Brick, Batty along with Superman and Batman locate where Rosean is at. Once they locate her they send Superman and Batman to find go get her.

Rosean was driving through the lonely forest. Cake was tied up in the back of the car where Goggs was guarding him. Roseann stopped the car once she saw Superman standing in front of her van. Rose opened the one of the van's windows and yelled to Superman to move aside. Superman disobeyed and Roseann got out of the car. "I guess i'll have to do this the hard way", Roseann said as she got ready to fight with Superman.

Meanwhile, Batman sneaked into the back of the van. He started untying Cake as Goggs got near him with a wooden bat. Goggs started swinging the wooden bat at Batman. Batman knocked out Goggs. He saw Supermman in need of help and he told Cake to wait in the van while he fights off Roseann. Superman was dizzy now. Rosean took this to her advantage and Rosean performs her leg grab trademark move and grabs Superman with her legs, holding him high momentarily before ripping Superman apart by splitting her legs! :O

Batman was shocked by Rose's strength! Batman started fighting with Roseann. Batman fist aimed for Rosean's face but she ducked down and got some dirt and threw it at Batman's eye. Batman dizzily backed away as he was trying to get the dirt off his eyes. Suddenly Rosean pulled out a garrote wire, puts it at  Batman's throat and flips over his head. She then slowly slices through his neck, and his head falls off.

Cake who had watched the whole scene from the van wondered if Rosean was even human.

Users appearing in this episode

  • Batty
  • Arya
  • Brick
  • Cake
  • Rosean
  • Goggs
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