This is the 16th episode of LMBW the TV Show. It aired on June, 2014 on MTV.


(This is a prequel to the last two episodes.) Before season 2 started, Brick helped everyone into one of the new MCP Suburbans recieved by Chevy to help them fight crime. it was shiny and new, but soon the inside was filled with blood. Mad saw Brick and decides he should come with. Brick told him it was full, but that he could open the rear doors and sit in back. Mad did so and Brick took off to the nearest hospital. Every injured person got wheeled into the hospital on a gurney. Brick asked where Rose was hiding and everyone said they didn't know. Brick decided it would be easier if he went to Aravis first. After all, she was his daughter before he married Chi. Brick called Aravis on his phone. He asked if he could come over. Aravis questioned it at first, but then figured that her father would do nothing to her. Aravis gave him her address and Brick got in the truck. Mad got in an actual seat and Cake got in the back, happening to stroll by. They arrived and all got out. Brick knocked on the door of Aravis's apartment on the 4th floor. Aravis let everyone in, saying she wasn't expecting his friends. Brick asked Aravis where Rose was, and Aravis knew the gang was gonna kill her. Brick rushed Aravis over to the window so that she would for sure slip and fall if Brick let go. Brick demanded an answer. Aravis told him and Brick said "Thank you, dear." and let go, knowing she would land in the pool below. The gang walked out to the car and went back to the MCP HQ to get some officers, weapons, and some transport.

Users appearing in this episode

  • Mad
  • Brick
  • Cake
  • Rose
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