This is the 15th episode in LMBW the TV Show. It aired on June, 2014 on MTV.


In the following days of the usual crew 2.0 of living together, Roseann was really not getting along with the other LMBWers except for Aravis. Roseann wanted to kill them all except for BM. She contracted the ANIME FREAKS to assisinate the usual crew 2.0.

It was Movie Night in the LMBW mansion and the usual crew 2.0 was gonna have a little surprise from the ANIME FREAKS. Once the usual crew 2.0 watched the first film they went into the kitchen and ate dinner. Suddenly Obi who was sitting by a near by window was shot in the head. All of the usual crew 2.0 started to freak out except for Rose. Rose suddenly pulled a gun and told the usual crew to shut the damn up if they didn't want to get die like Obi.

Suddenly the ANIME FREAKS walked into the kitchen, the group included, Goggs, Rose, Hans, and Swipe. Rose tells the usual crew why she is doing this. Rose then orders the ANIME FREAKS to pick their first victim. The ANIME FREAKS chose Aravis and they shot her in the heart then in the head. As soon as Aravis fell to floor, Harold started crying. Rose yells, "Shut the damn up! Already!" to the Harold and kicks him in the ribs.

The ANIME FREAKS then picked the second victim which is, Lein. Meanwhile Brick the leader of the MCP was walking pass by the LMBW Mansion and heard screams coming from inside. So he broke in the mansion to invistegate what was going on. Before Lein was gonna get shot, Hans asked him for any final words. Lein noticed Brick behind the ANIME FREAKS holding a gun and then started laughing a bit. Hans questioned his behaivor before being shot in the head by Brick seconds later. The ANIME FREAKS start a gun fight with Brick.

Brick shot and killed Swipe but Goggs and Rose escaped before Brick could shoot them. After they left, Brick helped the usual crew 2.0 and took them to the hospital.

Users appearing in this episode

  • Rosean
  • BM
  • Harold
  • Peat
  • Aravis
  • Obi
  • Lein
  • Marcel
  • Neh
  • Arya
  • Spy
  • Goggs
  • Swipe
  • Hans
  • Brick
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