This is the 14th episode in the LMBW the TV Show. It's the first episode of season 2. It aired on June, 2014 on MTV.


1 month has passed since the old usual crew moved out of the LMBW Mansion. Now a new cast has moved in that includes, Rosean, BM, Harold, Peat, Aravis, Obi, Lein, Marcel, Neh, Arya, and Spy. They all gathered in the living room and hug, kissed and greeted each other. Rose instantly fell in love with BM. In her opinion he was hotter in person.

BM decided to take a shower. He also needed his clothes to be washed, so he gave his clothes to Spy to wash. Spy went into the mansion's laundromat and put BM's clothes in a basket. Rosean followed Spy into the laundromat and hid herself behind one of the vending machines. She waited until Spy left the laundromat.When Spy left, Roseann got up and walked over to the basket and picked one of BM's shirts and started smelling it. She just loved his smell. Suddenly Spy came back in the laundromat. He spotted Rosean smelling BM's shirt.

Spy was creeped out and kicked Roseann out of the laundromat. She obeyed but didn't want to give up BM's shirt. Spy struggled with Roseann until finally he got Bm's shirt. Roseann angrily left the laundromat.

She went into the kitchen to see if there was anything interesting she could do. She fount Peat, Harold, and Obi in the living room. They were watching The LEGO Movie. Roseann asked them where BM was at. Obi told her that he was changing in his room. Roseann left the living room and headed upstairs to BM's room. She was so obsessed with him. The door of BM's door was closed so Roseann head out of the mansion. She got to BM's room's window and looked inside. She saw BM changing.

Neh who was playing frisbee with Arya in the backyard noticed Roseann spying on BM. He and Arya ran up to Roseann and told her that she should stop stalking BM. Roseann told them that they were just jealous that BM didn't like them and she went in the mansion. Arya and Neh both looked at each other and wondered in Roseann might turn out to be the NEW Klint.

Users appearing in this episode

  • Rosean
  • BM
  • Harold
  • Peat
  • Aravis
  • Obi
  • Lein
  • Marcel
  • Neh
  • Arya
  • Spy
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