This is the 13th episode in the LMBW the TV Show. It aired on May, 2014.


It's the last day the usual crew will be living together and Chi is planning to have a wedding with Brick. At the same time Batty is trying to investigate Klint's history for a clue of what made him turn into a serial killer.

Batty discovers that Klint grew up in KLUNTIGO, Africa. She discovers that his family still lives in there and buys a few plane tickets to go there to investigate his history. Batty takes Storm and Cake along with her. Meanwhile back at the MCP HQ, Chi ,Brick and the other LMBWers are setting up the wedding. The only problem is that they don't have enough money to buy Chi a wedding dress. DC and JDude come up with the idea of selling cookies for money.

When Batty, Storm, and Cake go to KLUNTIGO, Africa they meet Klint's family. Batty questions Klint's mom about her sons recent serial killer behaivor. Mrs. Klint tells Batty that her son was never like the other kids in KLUNTIGO. Batty asks her what she means by that and Mrs. Klint reveals that Klint had hurt kids when he was in school and that even one time tried to kill her. She also said that Klint would make all these weird noises at night. Freaked out by a bit, Batty and her mates get out of Mrs. Klint's house. They decide to go around town to investigate a little bit more about Klint's history.

Back where Chi was the lmbwers were able to raise enough money to buy Chi a wedding dress. Alemas and Keplers go take Chi out to buy the perfect wedding dress.

Meanwhile at KLUNTIGO, Africa, the trio meet with Klint's childhood therapist. The therapist tells them that Klint was born with a irregular small sized heart and that he was abused by his parents as a little kid which could have caused him to become into a serial killer. Batty thanked him and took herself, Cake and Storm back to where the LMBWers were at.

It was the wedding day and Chi was so nervous. Chipika was the flower girl. Before Chi knew it, she was standing in front of Brick about to get married. Brick accepted to stay with Chi until death and so did Chi. They kissed as Batty, Cake and Storm walked in the wedding. Suddenly the LMBWers started singing "Without Love" until the show ended.

Users appearing in this episode

  • Brick
  • Cake
  • Caysie
  • Ire
  • Batty
  • DC
  • Keplers
  • Drew
  • JDude
  • Chipika
  • BCG
  • Chi
  • Alemas
  • Storm
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