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LMBW the TV Show
Genre Action, Comedic, Thriller, Horror, Slasher
Creator(s) Cakedude222
Developer(s) MTV Productions
Opening theme Something To Die For
Ending theme Power Puff Girls Theme Song
Country of origin America
Language(s) English, Japanese, Latin
No. of seasons 4
No. of episodes 49
Running time 26 minutes
Original channel MTV
First shown in December, 2013 (MTV and MTV 2)
Original run December, 2013 – May, 2014
Followed by LMBW the TV Series (Reboot)
Related shows LMBW Parts

LMBW the TV Show is a 2016 TV Show. It's based on the famous LMBW films and first aired on MTV a few months after the release of the first film in the LMBW series.


Each season has a different plot, usually introducing a new branch of characters, with cameos of previous characters from previous seasons.

Season 1 - Klint tries to get rid of Indi and Cays after discovering that they have a crush on the same person as him, Rio. After getting rid of them, both, Klint manages to get in a relation with Rio. Batty is the only member of the usual crew to suspices this. She caughts Klint having sex with Rio and realizes that Klint was the one behind Indi's and Cays' arrests. Klint tries to stop Batty from telling anyone, so he attempts to kill her, but fails later on when he discovers that she's still alive. At the hospital, he then tries to kill her agin, but fails at nearly being killed by Batty. For the next few episodes nothing is heard about Klint. Brick and the MCP at the mean time bust both Indi and Cays out of jail. They are nearly caught by the cops, but escape. Later the usual crew, helds a party. At the party, Gameking attempts to kill everybody at the LMBW Mansion with an explosion, but fails. The next night, Rio decides to get revenge on Batty, for killing Klint. He gets help from GK and LFY, but fails and is shot dead by Brick. LFY is later killed by the MCP. During another party, Klint comes back and kills his sister, Indigo. Batty discovers this and tries to kill Klint, but is knocked out by him leaving a death threat behind. At the snow resort, GK and Klint are caught by the usual crew. GK gets killed, and Klint kills Marro. Klint threatens to kill Batty, but Chipika comes up from behind and knocks him to the floor. Batty quickly grabs Klint's gun and shoots him. The next day Batty, Cake and Storm go to Klint's hometown to learn a little about his childhood, and Brick and Chi get married.

Season 2 - A new usual crew is now living at the LMBW mansion. Rosean one of the members gets madly in loved with BM and starts acting weird. Arya and Neh suspect that Rosean might be evil. Rosean becomes the leader of the Anime Freaks and plans out a home invasion at the LMBW Mansion. During the home invasion, Obi and Aravis are both killed along with two members of the anime freaks, Hans and Swipe. Rosean and Goggs escape. Brick along with the MCP train the remaining new usual crew material arts and surviving techniques. During practice they are once again attacked by the Anime Freaks. The Anime Freaks kidnap Cake and use him as a hostel for a little while. Batman and Superman try to stop Rosean, but she brutally kills both. Peat, BM, Marcel, Harold and Lein all go to California to stay at the playboy mansion. While Spy, Arya and Neh stay back in Georgia. Peat, BM, Marcel, Harold and Lein are nearly killed on their way back to Georgia. They manage to kill Goggs. At Georgia, Arya is gonna get married with Loney, but Loney starts a shoot out at the wedding and attempts to kill Arya. She makes it, and decides to get revenge on those who killed her friedns during the wedding. Arya finally gets her revenge by, ripping out one of Rosean's eyeballs and killing both Lady Gaga and the Trix Rabbit. At the snow resort, she kills Loney, several users arrive and ask her what happened.

Season 3 - It's 1995, the MCP is opening it's HQs for the first time when an explosion occurs and Rosean is kidnapped. Skul is trying to make Mlu his girlfriend at the moment. While the MCP is trying to save Rosean. Another exploison occurs at the Klintrin's house, killing Aok. The LMBWians soon learn that a guy under the name of Gameking is the one behind all these explosions. Batty discovers that she's pregnant from Aok. The MCP is able to save Rosean, but not able to stop Gameking. Mlu dies in a freak accident while cheerleading and Batty has to decide to or not give up her baby up for adoption.

Season 4 - Rys and Ana are mysteriously killed one night. A few weeks later, on Halloween night, Pauline is trying to persuade BCGirl into babysitting Caketie, so she can see BM. While walking home from after school, they are stalked by a clown masked man. LSB and Shaymin are both attacked, with LSB getting killed, but Shaymin escaping. Edward, Benny and few other users are having a party. Their party turns for the worst when 3 of them are killed.


Main Characters

  • Brick - (S1, S2, S3, S4)
  • Batty - (S1, S2, S3, S4)

Recurring Characters

  • Caysie - (S1, S2, S3)