LMBW the Sequel is the sequel to LMBW the Movie. It's a 2020 american dark comedy film.


BM (Twisted Alpha) is gonna go on a journey to find the admin crystal. The journey will be harder than it was for Gameking. Will BM be able to go through the dark tunnels of doom and gay bar to find the crystal?


Zac Efron as BM (Twisted Alpha)

Mary Elizabeth Winstead as Chipika

Chris Pine as Kat

Seth Rogen as Repcom

Lindsay Lohan as Caysie

Jonah Hill as Gameking

Mr. T as LFY

Michelle Trachtenberg as Batty

Luke Evans as A5

Erik Knudsen as Gay Man #1

Adam Brody as Gay Man #2

Justin Bieber as Klintrin

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