LMBW the Reboot is a 2024 american horror movie. It's the 5th installment in the lmbw films. Unlike the first 4 films that were in the comedy genre, this one is in the horror one.



Chipika about 15 minutes before death

Chipika and BM have been murdered. The admin crystal that they had owened has disapeared along with Gameking, Aok, Caysie, Repcom, Man.City, Brick and Klint. SP is sent to find them along with Abby and Loney. On there way they meet Indigo a witch that can help them on their journy. They stay over at the witch's for the night. When SP wakes up he finds Indigo laying dead on the floor in a puddle of blood.... SP, Loney, and Abby then have to go trhough the tunnels of doom. They meet DC in there. They shortly are chased by a dragon in which DC gets ate by. SP, Loney, Abby make it out of the tunnel of doom and they reach there destination. There they find the missing users tied up and the admin crystal!As SP and Loney help the users to get untied, Abby pulls ot a gun and reveals herself as the killer. Abby shoots Aok, and Brick and ends up killing both of them! She shoots at the crowd and ends up killing all of them (Some were only injureded). Abby then injures herself to pretend that she went through everything herself and gets help... At the hospital Abby learns that Gameking isn't dead along with SP, Klint and Caysie. Abby then goes find the room where Gameking is located at, determined to kill him. She finds him and he struggles with her as she is trying to kill him. Quickly Gameking graps a sharp piece of glass and stabs Abby with it in the stomach. "Never mess with the original!", Gameking tells her as he leaves the room to get help.


Daniel Radcliffe as SP

Jonah Hill as Gameking

Demi Lovato as Abby

Jim Carrey as Loney

Paris Hilton as Indigo

Mary Elizabeth Winstead as Chipika

Johny Depp as Aok

Lindsay Lohan as Caysie

Eminem as DC

Seth Rogan as RepCom

Channing Tatum as

Zac Efron as BM

Tom Cruise as Brick

Miles Fisher as Klint

Theme Song

Ida Maria Bad Karma

Ida Maria Bad Karma


Wow our journey is so similar to the one of Gameking's 8 years ago. ~ SP

Shut the heck up, Aok! ~ Abby

What was I supposed to do? Go to school? Graduate? Work? ~ Abby

How do you think people become famous, Gameking? You don't have to achieve anything! You just have to have messed up things happen to you. ~ Abby

You better believe in Jesus because he's the only one that can save you now.. Or not. ~ Abby

For freakin god sake! DC had to die just to stay close to the original! That's sick right? Well sick is the new scene. ~ Abby

So you do have to die, Gameking. It's the rules, New movie, new franchise. ~ Abby

You just aren't gonna die huh? Who are you? Freakin' Michael Freakin' Myers? ~ Abby

Never mess with the original! ~ Gameking

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