LMBW the Prequel is a 2021 american dark comedy film. It takes place 8 years before the sequel and 4 years before the first film.


In the fall of 2013, Harold a normal user is framed by a hacker for inapropriate behaivor. Who is this hacker? Will Harold and his trust-worthy friends be able to stop this hacker and win Harold's good reputation back?


Josh Hutcherson as Harold

Scarlett Johansson as Niko

Will Ferrel as Young Gameking

Elen Page as Young Chipika

Will Smith as Young Aok

Jennifer Lawrence as Herself

Miley Cyrus as Young Caysie

Kristen Connolly as Hans

Katy Perry as Young Batty

LL Cool J as Young LFY

Jack Black as Marro

Rupert Grint as Indy

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