LMBW the Movie is a American comedy 2016 film.


A group of users on LMBW go on a quest to find the secret crystal of admin rights to take the power to relive the evil admins of theirs. Along the way you will see the MCP, Brick's army of robot cops, the YouTube movie theater, a Flash game arcade, the Norton Antivirus hospital, the DeviantArt museum, and more Internet fun.


  • Jonah Hill as Gameking
  • Mary Elizabeth Winstead as Chipika
  • Johny Depp as Aok
  • Will Smith as Young Aok
  • Lindsay Lohan as Caysie
  • Seth Rogan as RepCom
  • Channing Tatum as
  • Harry Styles as Jdude
  • Liam Hemsworth as Marcel
  • Tom Cruise as Brick


"Gameking please turn back" ~ Aok

"I'm gonna kill you two for totally like no reason! ~ RepCom

"Die Repcom! For the film! ~ Caysie

"Can you help us? ~ Gameking

I know someone who could. A witch. ~ Caysie

It's a very long and dangerous journey. ~ Chipika

"Run without me! I'll kill the dragon alone. ~ Marcel

"Fine, but be warn" ~

""Your friends died. Now you have to die, Gameking ~ Jdude

"You guys are alive"! ~ Gameking

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