This is the 23rd episode in LMBW the TV Show. It aired on July, 2014 on MTV.


(This episode happened in between the two months where Arya was in coma.)

The next day the group moved into a smaller house in the San Diego countryside. But they didn't know about a evil plot brewing, planned by Atom and some MBers, Spith and BCG.BCG joined them after Atom promised to buy him a car if he worked for him.

Atom decided that he was going to kidnap Rose and take her on a romantic getaway to Europe, and so he comes up with a distraction. Spith set a fire in the yard and Storm and the others ran quickly to put it out quickly. In the chaos, Ire and Atom put a bag over Rose's head. Rose stabbed BCG in the gut and he fainted but Atom sedated her and dragged her into his van and took her to his house.

When Rose asked where Atom was taking her he explained and they went to the airport. Spith made another distraction, placing a bomb in a San Diego park and causing a terrorist red alert. In the chaos, everyone was locked in the house and forbidden from leaving by the government.

Atom slipped away quickly with Rose, getting on a plane before Cake discovered that she had been kidnapped. He called Storm and asked for help finding her and the two set off to discover who had kidnapped her.

(Eventually she was rescued.)

Users appearing

  • Rose
  • BCG
  • Atom
  • Spith
  • Cake
  • Storm
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