LEGO Space Racers is a custom LEGO Theme and animated TV Show by Xsizter.

The theme was released at the same time the TV Show aired on Cartoon Network, January 15, 2017 and ran till February 3, 2019.


LEGO Space Racers follows the racing adventures of Kyle Malkowich, Nova Smithe, Ivan Storm and Jarl Manni to become the champions of the Space Racers Championships. Team Eclipse also faces it's own enemies like Blacktron Corp's Flench and Maerk, Doctor Roth, Team Crimson and many more.

Series Overview

Season Episodes Originally aired
Season premiere Season finale
1 14 January 15, 2017 April 16, 2017
2 16 September 3, 2017 December 17, 2017
3 12  April 8, 2018 June 24, 2018
4 16 October 21, 2018 February 3, 2019



Season 1

  • The season consisted of 14 serialised episodes and the introduction to Kyle, Ivan and Nova.
    • Episode 2 was the first appearance of Rexar.
    • Episode 4 was the first appearance of the Blacktron Corp, Maerk and Flench.
    • Episode 7 was the first appearance of Mira Ane and Marcus Flannigan who would become permanent members of the team.
    • Episode 11 was the first appearance of Jarl not as The Shade, who would become a permanent member of the team.
Episode No. Title
1 "The Invitation"

The episode starts with Kyle Malkowich at his local cafe "Kramm's" when he accidentally gets in a fight with one of Krax's gang members. The fight is stopped by an old colleague, Ivan Storm who tells Kyle Malkowich to follow him because he has something important to show him. When they arrive at the location Ivan shows Kyle a poster about the "Space Race" with the prize being 1.000.000 credits spanning 8 cups. While preparing Kyle meets Ivan's companion Nova Smithe who is also joining the race on their team, but before they were finished Krax's Gang attacks Ivan's storage unit.

Krax wanted payback for his man Kyle Malkowich hit in the cafe and tells them that they won't escape without paying in blood. Before Krax and his gang could attack the team they are stopped by a masked person who calls himself The Shade. The team thanks the masked man and Ivan tells them if they are ready that their first stop is Zarisk.

2 "Zarisk Cup"

The episode starts with the three landing at a station near where the Zarisk Cup is going to place. They enter the local cantina where they are greeted by one of Ivan's known friends Habkri who introduces them with some of the racers they will face in the cup. One of them Altair tells them that they will not stand a chance against the King of Maldamba while Rexar is excited and wishes them good luck in the race.

The first race of the cup starts in Zarina's Waste Marsh where the racers face of with the enviroment's deadly scenery and plant life. The second race of the cup starts in Zarina's Canyon Wests where their lives are at stake with the landmark's known event, falling of the boulder stones. The last and third race of the cup starts in the Zarisk Station where they first started where Kyle, Ivan and Nova would be victorius, winning the Zarisk Cup Trophy and proceeding to the next cup on Wandor.

3 "The Gandyr Gem"

The episode starts with the team still in Zarisk preparing to go to Wandor for the next cup, but they are interrupted by Habkri who wants to show them something as a congratulations for winning the race, it is the rare prized Gandyr Gem that he got from a salesman in Trome. Ivan knowing of this gem asked Habkri if he knew anything about the salesman that he got it from. Habkri only descriped him as wearing a black suit with a giant green B. Ivan shocked tells them about the villanous Blacktron Corp led by Argus Flench, he describes them as a elite fighting force that isn't afraid of destroying an entire city to get what they want.

Kyle says that they shouldn't waste much time on Zarisk and get to Wandor for the race, Nova agrees with Kyle with Ivan telling them that they will find someone to tell them about the Gandyr Gem another time.

4 "Red Fedora Lizard"

The episode starts with the team landing on Wandor and preparing for the race in the wasteland nomad city. At Wandor they are greeted by the Wandorian representative Kaghri who guides them to the hangar bay where their racers will stay for the night, ready for next day's Wandor Cup. Over night Ivan hears a strange noise coming from one of the storage rooms, he spots a Tragdonian Thug who is sabotaging all the racers's vehicles, Ivan is able to stop him, but the lights go on and Kaghri and some guards take Ivan for questioning.

Ivan explains to Kaghri that there was a Tragdonian Thug trying to sabotage the vehicles so they wouldn't work in tomorrow's race. Kaghri asking if he knew what he looked like, described him just as having a red fedora and lizard tail. Kaghri tells him that guards will try to find the menace and takes Ivan back to his hangar room where his team is sleeping.

5 "Wandor Cup"

The episode starts with the team waking up and preparing to race in the Wandor Cup, they finally meet some of the racers, Ivan notices one of the racers passing by looks like the thug that tried to sabotage the races last night and informs Kaghri that the thug is a racer. Kaghri right before he could inform the guards gets a poison dart in his neck falling on the ground. Ivan asks if Kaghri is alright but doesn't get a response back, but he shouldn't be distracted from the race.

Wandor Cup finally starts with the first race being in the Wandor High Mountains where the temperature is freezing cold, Ivan in one of the caves finally comes face to face with the Tragdonian Thug in which he barely escapes with his life with the thug getting heavily damaged and falling of his vehicle. The second race starts in one of the nearby nomad towns and the third and final race starts in the Wandor Desert where the team win the Wandor Cup Trophy and can move on to the Basisk Cup.

6 "The Blacktron Corp"

The episode starts with the team landing on Basisk where Ivan remembers that this is The Blacktron Corp and Argus Flench's home planet and that they will probably race in the Basisk Cup so he warns before hand Kyle and Nova. During the preparation Ivan meets with one of Flench's top men, Maerk who tells Ivan and the others that this is their home territory and that they don't stand a chance against him, Argus and The Blacktron Corp. Kyle angered calls out Maerk but is stopped by Nova who tells him to not listen to him and let it go.

The Basisk Cup starts with the first race being in the Underground Sewers of The Blacktron Corp Base where the Blacktron Corp is able to eliminate 2 of the racers. The second race is in an alley of skulls where the team is able to finish of some of Argus' men. The third and final race is in the Basisk Crown Race Track where the team is able to beat The Blacktron Corp and win themselves the Basisk Cup Trophy which allows them to move on to the Ora Cup.

7 "Gem's Origins Part 1"

The episode starts with the team landing on Ora and meeting with one of Nova's old friends Mira Ane who introduces them to the sponsor of the race Han Brigg, they talk a bit and Nova shows Mira The Gandyr Gem and asks her if she knows anything about it. Mira tells her that if they want to know something about it they should go to her good friend the Mining Expeditioner himself Marcus Flannigan who is currently in the Blockan Mines. The team go to the mines and meet up with Marcus who got a call from Mira to wait for them.

While in the mines Nova shows Marcus the gem itself, she tells him that a friend of Ivan's on Zarisk got it from a Blacktron Corp member disguised as a salesman, it was probably stolen from somewhere. Marcus tells them that he recognizes the gem and that it comes from an ancient tribe on Gandyr called the Naga Uri who crafted the gem to please their god and protector Bakahnaga and if the Gandyr Gem is stolen the team should bring it back to their rightful owner on Gandyr. As the team and Marcus' expedition team were about to go back outside they are walled off by the local bandits called "The Null", now it seems they will have to find a new exit.

8 "Gem's Origins Part 2"

The episode starts where the last one left of with the team and Marcus' mining expedition team walled off and having to find a new exit. While traversing the cave they stumble across a network of abandoned tunnels where they encounter a swarm of Sulfurix Rock Monsters, they barely escaped from the swarm, Ivan notices some writing on the wall of Sulfurix origins which is actually a map of a way out, Ivan memorises it and tells the others to follow him. The team is able to find the exit with the help of the map and escape the Blockan Mines.

After the team exited the mines, Marcus asks Nova if he could have the gem since he knows one of the racers that is of Gandyr Origins in the Ora Cup. Nova gives the mining expeditioner the Gandyr Gem and the team go to race in the Ora Cup.

9 "Ora Cup"
The episode starts with the team preparing to race in the Ora Cup where they meet some of the racers that are competitive and friendly who wish them good luck in the cup. The first race starts in the Blockan Mountain which is known for the highly dangerous avalanches and abominable monsters, the team is able to get first place in the first race. The second race starts in an underwater tube network that has high resistance to blast damage and crashing, the team also beats this race and they finally face in the third and last race in the Forbidden Kagash Ruins which they are able to win first place and win the Ora Cup Trophy and continue to the cybernetic star of Majesba.
1 "Age of Steel"

The episode starts with the team docking on the Cybernetic Star of Majesba which is a planet build out of pure metal by the Robuni and by the Bolt Drones led by the most powerful Bolt who is one of the racers in the Majesba Cup. While preparing for the race they are greeted by one of the Robuni servant units who asks if they would like some beverages, Ivan and Nova say yes but Kyle tells the Robuni no thanks i am not here for a beverage. The team drink their beverage and go to the hangar bay.

The race starts with only one race track the whole Majesba star with dangerous devices, killer robots, murderous traps and more, most of the racers don't survive it but the team manages to destroy Bolt's Flag Airship and win the Majesba Cup Trophy and advancing to the apocalyptic Karina Cup.

11 "Karina's Curse"

The episode starts with the team landing on Karina and meeting The Shade who is infact a human like them by the name of Jarl Manni who is gonna race against them in the Karina Cup which is known as "Karina's Curse". Kyle asks Jarl about the curse and he tells them that there is an old legend which tells of Queen Karina while fighting in battle was possessed by one of Trechador's Poltergeist that were sent onto her by Trechador's witch Inna, Queen Karina possessed curses the planet into a never ending apocalypse. Ivan asks Jarl if he wants to join them, they could always use more people. Jarl agrees and becomes part of their team.

The race starts with the first race set in the Toxic Wastes south of the hangar which the team are able to beat, but then the second race comes Undead Crypt which tales tell that is haunted by the ghost of Queen Karina herself. The team manages to beat the race track and moves to the third and final which is set in Queen Karina's own ruined castle, the team is also able to win this and win the Karina Cup Trophy which allows them to advance to the Mandarr Cup.

12 "Hostages on Mandarr"

The episode stars with the team landing on landing on Mandarr at the wrong time since there is a police investigation of a hostage crisis currently going on, it is all mastermined by the Kingpin, Wyorn. The team meets up with Mandarr's commissioner Baltar Zhin who they ask if they could be of any assistance of escorting the hostages. Baltar tells them that they will approve anything to stop Wyorn's madness, he tells them that they will get all the accessories and gear they need for the task. Jarl puts on his Shade helmet and tells Kyle, Nova and Ivan that he weanted to stop Wyorn for a long time.

The team go to the location where the hostages are located Mandarr Credit Bank but it is heavily guarded by Wyorn's men. Jarl constructs a plan of getting in but it will take a lot more patience and skill to do it. The team successfully does everything to plan but as all the hostages escaped, the big man himself Wyorn arrives with his Hover Craft and men in the attack helicopter and assaults the team. Jarl finishes of Wyorn and the commissioner thanks them for helping in the crisis and wishes them good luck in the Mandarr Cup.

13 "Second to Last"

The episode starts with the team preparing for the Mandarr Cup and cheared by the crowd. Nova tells them that this is it, this race decides if we are going to the end, if we are gonna be the champions, if we are gonna prove to everyone we did it. Jarl states that they should not waste much time and win this cup, since it's the second to last. The team is interviewed before the race and asked by the public how does it feel to come all the way to the second to last Space Racers cup. Ivan tells them that it was a team effort and that they are glad they can show to everyone that we made it. The interviewer wishes them good luck and all the other racers in the second to last cup.

The first race starts in the sky station above Mandarr which the team is able to beat. The second race starts in Karoshi's Stadium and continuing into the Mandarr Volcano Island which the team is also able to win. The third and final race starts and it is at Rump Tower continuing into the Tenor Docks and ending in Mandarr Sector 8, the team is crowned victorius and win the Mandarr Cup Trophy giving them the ability to advance to the final and most hardest cup, on Valkarl.

14 "Valkarl Cup"

The episode starts with the team landing in a hangar on Valkarl where they meet the biggest bad guys and champions of the Space Racers cup Tyranus and Zort. Tyranus is known for his Mark-XL Destroyer which has the deadlist fire power in the sector and Zort is known for his brutal use of saws to dispose of his enemies on the race tracks, they are a force to be reckoned with. Tyranus tells the team that they don't stand a chance with the titled "Power House" and that they will be obliterated by his projectiles. Zort is not kind to them either calling them mere peasants playing a game. 

The race starts with Tyranus and Zort's signature moves, starting before the announcer says go, the team struggles to get into first place on the first race track on Valkarl but manage to get it. The second race starts with the duo doing the same thing but the team manages to beat even that. The final and last track to determine who is the champion of the Space Racers starts with the team fighting hard and defeating the crowned champions and winning the Valkarl Cup Trophy (Kyle, Nova, Ivan and Jarl) are the champions! They are titled the Champions of the Fifteenth Annual Space Racers.

The team head home to Lumaryea where they go to Kramm's and celebrate their victory, ending the first season of LEGO Space Racers.

Season 2

  • The season consisted of 16 episodes
    • Episode 15 was the first time the team is refereed to as Team Eclipse and the first appearance of M.A.I.R.
    • Episode 16 was the first appearance of Doctor Roth who would become an antagonist of Team Eclipse.
    • Episode 21 was the first appearance of Team Crimson who would become enemies of Team Eclipse in the space races.
    • Episode 22 was the first appearance of the AI who would become enemies of Team Eclipse.
Episode No. Title
15 "Team Eclipse"

The episode starts at Team Eclipse's Hangar preparing for the Second Space Racers that is gonna take place on Zoron in two months. Three new members joined the team after the events of Season 1 like Marcus Flannigan, now the inventor of the team, Mira Ane the brains of the team and an old reprogrammed G7-OO9 Helper Droid named M.A.I.R. (Marcus' Artifical Intelligence Robot). Ivan Storm and Kyle Malkowich are at the new "Kramm's Improved Cafe" where they meet up with an old enemy from Basisk, Kastoff who left the criminal life and is now the owner of "Kastoff's Parts and Bolts".

Ivan and Kyle asked Kastoff to come meet with them because they needed a sponsor for the Zoron Cup, Kastoff agrees on one condition that he gets 50% of the share of credits they win at the end of the Second Space Racers. They agree with the conditions and go back to the Hangar where there is something they need to see.

16 "Doctor Roth"

The episode starts with Marcus Flannigan showing Kyle and Ivan a new Eclipse Space Racer the "Gandyr's Revenge" which was gifted to them by the Gandyr racer from the Ora Cup whom he promised to Nova he would return the Gandyr Gem. Ivan is amazed by the racer and asks the team if he can take it for a spin, Jarl jokingly tells him, don't crash it like your hover bike. Ivan, like the person he is tries to impress some ladies which angers Nova. When Ivan came back to the hangar Nova told him that they need to have a talk, but before anything could be said, a police syren is turned on and everyone on Lumaryea watches in horror as the mastermind and tyrant Doctor Roth arrives with his army.

As Roth is attacking the city, Team Eclipse decides to create a plan to stop him from destroying Lumerya.

17 "To Take Down The Mastermind"

The episode starts with Nova and Kyle constructing a plan to stop Doctor Roth's attack on Lumaryea. Marcus fixes up Ivan's old Fighter Racer he used when him, Nova and Kyle assaulted the Blacktron Corp Base on Basisk. Ivan asks about the old Tron Bikes, Marcus only says they are being worked on and that M.A.I.R. is getting everything they need to start fixing it. All the vehicles should be done by tomorrow which will be the perfect time to assault Doctor Roth's Space Platform and his Attack Mothership.

Morning comes and Team Eclipse prepare for the assault on Roth's Mothership and fighter the Space Platform. After the team lands on top of the Mothership they come face to face with The Mastermind himself Doctor Roth who sets them in a trap which Eclipse is able to escape. They are able to fight back and take down Doctor Roth, he tells them that it isn't the last they saw of him and that he will come back. The team and whole of Lumaryea celebrates in the defeat of the menace.

18 "Templar's Vision"

The episode starts on the planet Onyxia where one of the Templars Ragush Zagal finds a crystal that in a bunch of memories shows him the fate of the universe if a certain someone isn't found and defeats the Wings of the Void, before he could escape the template he is attacked by one of the acolytes of the void. Then it cuts to Lumaryea where Team Eclipse is finishing everything for the space race next week. While finishing one of the Tron Bikes M.A.I.R. found an uknown shard with a giant x, he informs the others and Marcus assumes it's a part of a map.

shortly after that Ragush Zagal wounded from a fight with an acolyte teleports to the location of Team Eclipse.Kyle confused points a gun to the head of the creature but is disarmed by Ragush, Nova asks him what he is doing here and how did he get wounded, Ragush just tells them it is not simple and that they should hear him out what he has to say.

19 "Acolytes of the Void"

The episode starts with Ragush explaining to Team Eclipse that one of them is the chosen one that will defeat the Wings of the Void and it's acolytes at it's coming, he says that "only a person with the strongest heart, strongest mind and fearless determination will lighten the path to the end of the Wings of the Void". Kyle tells everyone that there is only one person with the strongest mind and that's Ivan. Ivan confused asks Ragush how can he be the chosen one when he is only a nerd with a lot of determination with his work.

After their talk acolytes found the right portal and teleported to Ragush' location to take him to the Void's Prison. Ragush and Team Eclipse were able to defeat the small swarm of acolytes and tells them that this is not the last encounter they will have with them. Ragush says that he will stay at a nearby temple to see if he can encounter another vision. Team Eclipse tells them that they should not waste time and prepare for the race and the coming of the void.

20 "Tarsona Cup"

The episode starts with the team taking of to Tarsona for the beginning of the Tarsona Cup, after landing at the hangar they are greeted by Kastoff who is gonna be their sponsor during the cups this year as Kyle and Ivan have agreed with him. Team Eclipse meet one of their old racers back from Zarisk, Rexar who is going to race again this cup. Rexar wishes them good luck and goes to his raiders.

Team eclipse wins all the three race tracks and can proceed to Gadora IV also known as the Moon of the Dead.

21 "Moon of the Dead"

The episode starts with the team landing on Gadora IV also known as the Moon of the Dead since there is no known living being on it except for ghost stories and tales, but is only used as an oil rig. But it is home to the Gadora IV Cup with the two race tracks. Team Eclipse while preparing everything for the race meet an opposing group by the name of Team Crimson and led by Grimash Wess and accompanied by Axtor, Medusa and Reaper.

Team Crimson wishes them luck since they will need it. The race starts with Team Eclipse completing the cup and moving on back to a familiar location but a different planet, Majesba III.

22 "The AI"

The episode starts with the team landing on Majesba III where they are greeted by a tour guide before the race, he shows Team Eclipse, Crimson and the other racers the AI factory. The AI were developed to protect the good people of this universe and to serve only living beings. Ivan says that he has a bad feeling about these robots, Jarl tells him that if some robots want to rise up against them, they better run when they see my brutal skills.

The tour guide shows everyone to their rooms that they will sleep over night, but before they could go to rest, a explosion is heard in the nearby with AI coming out of it repeating "Eliminate" with them attacking the scientists. Kyle tells the team that if they want to race tomorrow they have a bunch of buckets to take care of first.

23 "Machines of War"

The episode starts with Team Eclipse creating a plan to stop the AI and save Majesba III so they can race and continue with the cup. Ivan tells them that they could find the leader of the revolution, take down the master, the servants fall. Kyle tells Ivan that it doesn't sound a bad idea, but how will they know who is behind the AI uprising. Ivan suggest they head to the factory for clues so they can salvage some data information.

When they arrive at the blown up factory, Ivan hacks some of the computers that survived the blast to find info about the AI and finds out that there is a leader of the AI and that he needs to be stopped so that the AI falls. Nova asks Ivan how will they find the master if they all look the same. Ivan tells them that he can hack a radar so the red outlining shows which one is the leader of the uprising.

24 "The Survivor"

The episode starts with Team Eclipse trying to find the AI leader with no succession until they meet one of the surviving scientist by the name of Professor Nakti Tal who helps them after they saved him from a swarm of AI who were about to eliminate him. Nakti Tal tells them to follow him to a secret lab where they can set out a signal from the leader AI's chip so they can find him. 

Team Eclipse with the help of Nakti Tal is able to destroy and defeat the AI Leader which makes all the slave AI shut down and fall to the ground. Ivan thanks Nakti for helping them stop the threat and continue to race in the Majesba III Cup. Team Eclipse wins the three races and is able to continue to Braxit II.

25 "Rexar's Raiders"

The episode starts with Team Eclipse landing on Braxit II which is known as the base of operations of Rexar's Raiders. On arriving they are greeted by Rexar who shows them around and even pays them lunch at the base's cantina. Kyle thanks for the kind greeting and wishes him luck in the race, Rexar to this tells him that he isn't racing anymore and that he will be starting an army to protect the good will of the people.

Team Eclipse exits the base and prepares for the race. The Braxit II Cup starts with Team Eclipse successfully completing all four races in first place and being able to proceed to the last cup on Parza.

26 "Blacktron Side of Things"

The episode starts with Argus Flench waking up going down the stairs of the Blacktron Corp Base and preparing hismelf a coffe. Maerk still asleep is awoken by Flench telling him that he needs to fix a part of one of the docking platform and that Christof is waiting for him. Maerk annoyed angrily goes to the docking platform and starts fixing it with Christof. Flench watching from his base window notices one of Rexar's Raiders Docking Pods and goes to see if one of them is nearby it.

As Flench approaches the pod he is ambushed by two Rexar's Raiders and Commander Brody but is quickly rescued by one of the Blacktron squads. Maerk finished with his work eats his dinner and goes back to sleep. Flench seeing it was a normal day like always goes to sleep ready for the next boring day and hoping it will be interesting.

27 "The Hornet"

The episode starts with Team Eclipse landing on Parza, this is the first time Mira Ane is going to race in a race and is told by one of the safety men to put on some protective gear since the lands, valleys and swamps they are going to race in are dangerously poisonous. The champion of Parza Quinn Hornet arrives at the hangar ready to face the racers in the cup.

The race starts with Mira Ane being the representative racer of Team Eclipse racing against Team Eclipse, Quinn Hornet and other racers. Mira Ane is able to finish the race and win Team Eclipse the Sixteenth Annual Space Racers trophy. When they arrive back on Lumaryea they are informed by Ragush that the time has come, the coming of the Wings of the Void is nigh, they should prepare for doomsday.

28 "Wings of the Void Part 1"

The episode starts with Team Eclipse and Ragush preparing for the coming of the void, Ivan asks Ragush how will the Wings of the Void arrive into our world. Ragush tells him that the Acolytes of the Void will summon it with the 8 crystals of power which they acquired across time and space, it can't be stopped. The Wings of the Void will come and the chosen one will need to end it with the Salvation Orb i have in my hand, Ragush tells Ivan that he will need to take it to defeat the Wings of the Void and save the Universe.

Ragush tells Ivan that only the two of them can do this, so to open the portal to Onyxia where the Acolytes will summon the Wings of the Void he needs a power source, the Mask of Lumaryea in the museum will do. Marcus gives Ivan the gear he needs to take the mask. Ivan enters the room and asks Nova to disable the lasers, Nova does so and Ivan steals the mask and goes back to the hangar and gives it to Ragush. Ivan tells the other goodbye and that he will come back if they succeed in stopping the beast, after this Ragush opens the portal and the two enter Onyxia.

29 "Wings of the Void Part 2"

The episode starts with Ivan and Ragush travelling through the portal and entering the realm of Onyxia. Ragush gives Ivan the Salvation Orb and tells him to keep it safe until the conflict with the Wings of the Void. As they enter one of the templar temples where they encounter one a groups of the Acolytes of the Void. Ragush tells Ivan to be quiet and follow his lead but are quickly spotted by the acolytes and attacked.

Ivan and Ragush are able to fight off the group but are quickly approached by the leader of the Acolytes of the Void, Ihmal Zorel who orders the acolytes to get up and seize them. Ragush tells Ivan that they will make out of this, they have to.

30 "Wings of the Void Part 3"

The episode starts with Ragush and Ivan running away from Ihmal and the acolytes and are able to outrun them. Ihmal tells the acolytes that it doesn't matter and that they should finish the summoning of the Wings of the Void. Ragush tells Ivan that they should go to the center of the planet, the Pyramid of Gaea. After arriving there they are told by Ihmal that it is too late to stop their master and that they bow down. The duo refuse and assault the acolytes but before they could do anything, the portal opens and the Wings of the Void's tentacles and mouth come out.

Ragush tells Ivan that he will take care of Ihmal and that he just takes care of the Wings of the Void with the Salvation Orb. Ivan uses his old acrobatic skills to jump on the beast's tongue so he can place the orb on it for the Wings of the Void to be destroyed. Ivan is successfull and defeats the Wings of the Void. Ragush tells Ivan to go back to the gateway and that he will stay here to protect the gateway and prevent the beast from coming ever again. Ivan wishes him good luck and travels back to Lumaryea where he is welcome and congratulated as a hero.

Season 3

  • The season consisted of 12 episodes.
    • It was the only season to not include any racing.
    • This was also the only season not featuring Marcus Flannigan, Mira Ane and M.A.I.R.
Episode No. Title
31 "Alternate"

The episode starts at Team Eclipse Hangar during break hour when suddenly a portal opens and sucks Kyle, Ivan, Nova and Jarl into an alternate universe. They are soon found by the alternate universe's Team Eclipse consisting of Max Netrix, Jake Pluto, Otto Breeze and Terisa Pauline who take them to their base. Kyle asks their alternate counterparts if they know how they got here, Max tells them that recently Jason Rex found an unknown power source from this universe that allowed him to opened a portal from their dimension to theirs.

Nova tells asks them if they know where Jason Rex is currently hiding, but the alternate Team Eclipse tell them that they don't know and that they have other thing to worry about. Ivan asks what kind of things. They tell them that between Rex's Team Inferno there are two other factions, Team Twilight led by Lazera and Team Azurite lead by Grol and if they are to get to Rex they would have to go through them first. Kyle tells them that they should not waste time and start their quest to get back to their dimension.

32 "The Crawler"

The episode starts with Alternate Team Eclipse introducing their counterparts to Professor Gabe Reyes who will be able to help them with his inventing skills and gadgets he constructed. Ivan asks if they know the current location of Twilight and Azurite. Reyes tells Otto to start searching for possible locations. Kyle Kilgrave enters the lab with some refreshments for Reyes and Jarl finally meets his counterpart. Kyle asks whats going on, Otto tells him that Jason Rex oppened a portal which brought an alternate Team Eclipse into the universe they are currently in. Otto notices that Team Eclipse is currently in the Deserts of Shivara, Kyle Malkowich tells the team to get ready and that they are heading to Shivara.

After arriving there Max tells Jake to bring down the hover tank, they traverse the land a bit and are ambushed by one of the Team Eclipse members Ozier and Bug on their Crawler. Thankfully the Hover Tank is strong enough to resist the Crawler's attacks and quickly defeat the Team Twilight duo. Max tells the others to beware Lazera and Terra since they might be around. The Team Eclipse arrive near some old temple ruins where Bug and Ozier escaped to.

33 "The Gauntlet"

The episode starts with the two Team Eclipse entering the temple and encounter Lazera who tells them that if they want to get to her they will have to face her Gauntlet of Doom. The first of the five tasks is a lock puzzle which they need to find a key for in one of the rooms with spike, spear, laser and pit traps, Jake is able to find the key inside a cracked rock. The second task is to get to the other side of the giant pit of lava. Kyle suggests that they try to take down one of the pillars to get over the pit. Max takes out one of Reyes' Laser Guns which lets him cut through the pillar with ease.

The third task is to get through the hall of saws which they are able to complete with Ivan being injured. Terisa tells Jarl and Kilgrave to take him to Reyes. The fourth task to solve 3 riddles and apply the answers to the walls. The fifth puzzle is to defeat Lazera's Twilight Crystal Guardian. They finally come face to face with the two Team Eclipse almost defeating Lazera, but is rescued by Urag and Lyrix from Team Inferno.

34 "Bolt's Army"

The episode starts with Terisa entering Reyes' lab to check out how Ivan is doing, Reyes tells her that he needs a few more minutes to get back to his normal state because his high blood loss could of killed him if hadn't he gotten to the lab in time. Kyle, Max and Otto are talking about a way to stop Rex and help him, Ivan, Nova and Jarl to get back home. The alarm goes on with the computer screens turning on showing an incoming command ship. Jake asks Max "isn't that Bolt's ship". Max tells Jake to get Kilgrave and Ivan here to infiltrate Bolt's Command Ship.

Jake leaves Kilgrave and Ivan on the front deck of the ship where they have ladders to climb to the top of it, after arriving on the main ship floor they encounter Sawe operating a giant turret. They are able to stop him and encounter Bolt. Kyle and Ivan are able to defeat Bolt with Jake finishing him off. The team then return back to the hangar to celebrate.

35 "The Infernal Machine Part 1"

The episode starts at the end of the episode with Terisa captured by the Infernal Machine and Nova and Otto trying to save her before the Infernal Machine sets their ATV in flames. Then it cuts to the beginning with Otto telling the others that a group of Team Inferno members were spotted in a nerby canyon, Nova tells Otto that if they are to do this they should be only a team of three so they don't grab the attention of the Team Inferno members. Terisa says that she will do it, Otto then tells Nova that the three of them should do this mission. 

Nova, Otto and Terisa arrive at the Vivendi Canyon where they spot Team Inferno's mech setting aflame a nearby mine. Otto says that they should find a path down the canyon so they can ambush Team Inferno's contraption. They find their way down the canyon hill and travel to the Infernal Machine's location but they are spotted by the Team Inferno members and are able to capture one of the members, Otto and Nova call an ATV and try to rescue Terisa from the hands of the Infernal Machine but are attacked by Infernal Machine's flames, they manage to escape the attack and they call for backup.

36 "The Infernal Machine Part 2"

The episode starts where the first part left of with Nova, Otto and Terisa calling for backup against Team Inferno's Infernal Machine. Reyes sends down to the Vivendi Canyon the Hover Tank piloted by Max and an Aerial Fighter piloted by Kilgrave. Until the reinforcements arrive, Nova and Otto try to distract Team Inferno with Terisa running behind the mech and start climbing it to find a power source so she can turn of the Infernal Machine. She slowly comes face to face with Dynomite who was throwing dynamite from the top of the mech. They fight and she knocks him off to his death.

Kyle, Max, Jake and Ivan arrive with the reinforcements and start attacking the Infernal Machine, Urag and Lyrix try to fight back the forces of Team Eclipse but fail and barely managed to escape with Jason Rex coming to their rescue. Kyle tries to chase after them but is told by Max that it would be a failed effort and that they won the fight already. The team goes back to the hangar with Otto finding information about the next location they should go to.

37 "Mountains of Raijun"

The episode starts with Otto telling the others where Team Azurite are hiding and that they should head to the Mountains of Raijun since Grol's lair has been spotted there through the recent activities in the area. A small team of Kyle, Kilgrave, Jake and Jarl head to the mountains where they encounter one of Team Azurite's members on her Skull Mech, she tries to stop them but Team Eclipse is able to beat her making her fall of a mountain cliff.

The team walks through the cold and harsh enviroment for a few minutes when they find out that the only way to Grol's mountain lair is through a crystal cavern known to be the location of an Abominable Snowman. They encounter the beast and are able to escape from it and blocking the entrance with the help of small explosives in Kilgrave's bag. The team finally spot Grol's mountain base in the distance and start walking towards it.

38 "Team Azurite"

The episode starts with Kyle, Kilgrave, Jake and Jarl arriving at the front of the mountain base where Kyle is captured by Metal Leg and put into a pirson cell where he is frozen. Kilgrave notices Kyle is missing and tells the others that they need to get into the lair one way or another but they will need backup and it won't be easy with the anti-air turrets. Jarl tells Kyle that he will try to take them down as long as he calls for his guys for backup. Jarl as he climbs the mountain encounters Metal Leg but is able to defeat him with the backup of Jake who distracts him.

Kilgrave calls Otto to drop his Aerial Fighter and a few explosives to open the door. Jarl is successful in taking down the defenses and gets back down with Kilgrave informing him about what is about to drop near them. The Aerial Fighter and explosives arrive and they blow up and open the door. In the lair they encounter Toroc who is mutated by Grol into a mindless acid monster. Toroc and Grol are defeated with Jarl rescuing Kyle from the frozen prison cell. The team escape with the mountain base collapsing.

39 "Revenge of Team Twilight"

The episode starts at Team Twilight's base where Bug and Ozier reported to Lazera  the happening a few days ago where they were beat by unknown members of Team Eclipse. Lazera tells them that they should not worry since judgement and suffering will come to them over time. Ozier just got report from a member of Team Inferno that Team Azurite has fallen and that Grol and his men were crushed by the collapse of his Mountain Base, they say it was some members from Team Eclipse. Lazera tells Bug to prepare their vehicles, it is time to take our revenge and vengance for what has happened to their allies.

Then it returns to Team Eclipse where Otto spotted some Team Inferno activity in the Nuyawra Construction site and tell Kyle, Nova, Ivan, Terisa and Jarl to investigate it. When they arrive there, they are ambushed by Team Twilight and tell them that it was a false signal they got and that they went right into their trap, she tells them that they have two choices, to surrender or to fight and be destroed. Team Eclipse does not surrender and is able to defeat Team Twilight and bring them to justice. Otto reports it to the Lumaryea Police and takes them prisoner.

40 "Toxiclaw"

The episode starts with Otto getting reports that an unknown villain has emerged and has set up a time bomb at the Nuclear Power Plant on the nearby island. He tells Kilgrave, Jarl and Jake to investigate and bring the villain to justice. They arrive at the power plant where they encluner the unknown menace, he goes by the name of Toxiclaw and he was hired by Jason Rex to send te city into a fallout.Kilgrave tells him that he won't get away with it and that he will be stopped, which Toxiclaw responds with a simple evil laughter.

Toxiclaw tells them that they should not waste time and that only 3 minutes are left until the bomb explodes. Jake is able to ambush Toxiclaw from behind and tells Kilgrave to defuse it and that he is quick, he is able to defuse it with 1 and a half minute to spare. They head back to the Team Eclipse hangar and report to the team what information they gathered from Toxiclaw.

41 "Rex Showdown Part 1"

The episode starts with Team Eclipse talking about facing Team Inferno since they defeat both Grol's Team Azurite and Lazera's Team Twilight. Otto gathers a signal from Jason Rex's possile location, it is located inside the Kaltraz Volcano below the lava, Kyle suggests that the entrance should be somewhere below the volcano. Max suggest that him, Kilgrave, Kyle, Nova, Terisa, Jake, Jarl and Ivan go head to head with Team Inferno

They arrive at Kaltraz where they are attacked by Urag and Lyrix in the repaired Infernal Machine. Kyle and Ivan on the ATV try to distract the duo with Kilgrave on the Aerial Fighter shooting it from behind. The Infernal Machine falls for good with Jason Rex finally showing up to greet his guests. He says that he is impressed with their teamwork but it will get them nowhere since he has a secret weapon, his Mobile Base which is armed with the remains of Bolt's Anti-Air turret from his fallen Command Ship. Max tells the others that they should prepare if they are to stop Rex and get Kyle and his team back to their dimensions, they will have a fight in their hands.

42 "Rex Showdown Part 2"

The episode starts where the first part left off with Team Eclipse preparing to fight Jason Rex and his Mobile Base and bring back Kyle and his Team Eclipse back to their dimensions. As Jason Rex laughs about being able to beat Team Eclipse two times he tells Lyrix to prepare the canyon if backup is to arrive and Urag to drive. Kyle and Ivan on the ATV chase after Rex with Kilgrave trying his best to escape Lyrix's Anti-Air gun fire. Max tells the others that he will take care of Rex once and for all, he jumps to the side of the mobile base barely being able to hold and climbs to the top of the vehicle.

There he finally is able to encounter Rex and they engage in a duel, as they are fighting Rex's portal crystal falls out of his pocket and is picked up by Jarl, he informs Kyle and the others and they finish of Rex once and for all. The Alternate Team Eclipse thank their counterparts and Kyle, Ivan, Nova and Jarl go back to their own dimension.

Season 4

  • The season consisted of 16 episodes
    • It was the last appearance of Jarl meeting his end to the Bounty Hunters.
Episode No. Title
43 "Upgrade of the AI"

The episode starts in the ruins of the old AI factory on Majesba III where an unknown cloaked person has summoned the AI from the future to colonise the deserted moon, they start upgrading all the AI they can salvage. This process is overlooked by AI Prime, the mastermind of the future AI. AI Prime thanks the Cloaked Figure as he vanishes. Then it goes back to the Team Eclipse hangar where Marcus is trying to master the portal crystal the team found in the Alternate Lumaryea.

Kyle and M.A.I.R. are playing holo-chess with Nova, Jarl and Mira Ane watching them, when they are interrupted by Ivan who has really bad news to tell them. Nova asks what's the panic about and Ivan responds that there were no AI activity 2 years and that he gained a signal today from Majesba III which was abandoned ever since the first AI were stopped by them. Kyle then tells Jarl to prepare Aerial Fighter to investigate the recent activity..

44 "AI Prime"

The episode starts where the last one left of with Kyle, Jarl and Nova in the Aerial Fighter approaching Majesba III, they are taken out by one of the rebuilt and recharged anti air canons and land in a canyon valley. Jarl tries to find a way u the canyon and spots one a few miles in front of them, Kyle asks Nova if she is alright from the crash. They start walking towards the path that will lead them to the top of the canyon but are shortly after ambushed by AI and it's leader AI Prime who take them hostage.

Jarl tells Kyle and Nova that he has a plan to escape the prison cell and that he has some explosives in his pocket, the three escape and encounter AI Prime again, he tells them about the upgrade process and they start fighting. The team somehow manages to defeat AI Prime and stop the AI upgrade and production. The team return back to the hangar and report to the others what the activity was all about.

45 "Eris Asteroid Belt"

The episode starts with Team Eclipse recovering from their encounter with the AI and preparing for this year's Space Racers. The first cup is on the Asteroid Belt of the planet Eris.Marcus informs the others that their racers are ready and that they can prepare for their trip to the Asteroid Belt. The team arrives on the Eris Asteroid Belt where they encounter one of their old sponsors and allies, Kastoff who welcomes them to the belt and wishes them good luck in the cup but warns them about the Overseer, the champion of the last space racers while they were absent. Kyle explains that they were in an alternate universe so they couldn't race. Kastoff tells him that's it's fine and hopes they bring home the trophy of this year's Space Racers.

The team race on the 5 asteroid tracks and are able to defeat the Overseer at the last second and progress to the Gandyr Cup.

46 "The Bounty Hunters"

The episode starts on the planet Artharus where a bounty hunter calling himself the crusader is at a local barbershop, when he notices two robots passing by and the barber explaining to him that those are one of the most feared mechanical bounty hunters in the galaxy going by their code names Bones and Moc. Then he sees another bounty hunter who calls himself Kharna, the tribal scourge. Again he notices another bounty hunter Hawke the outlaw of Terox. The last bounty hunter passes by, she is known as Zea, the master of venom and poison, a deadly hunter and fearsome foe.

The Crusader wonders where they are going and the barber suggests it's in the nearby shack on the mountain. The Crusader gets out of the seat pays the barber and follows the bounty hunters to the shack. After arriving he meets Bones, M-0C, Hawke., Kharna and Zea. The Crusader asks them what are they meeting up for which Hawke explains that they are hunting a man known by the name of The Shade who owes their master credits which he should of returned 4 years ago. Their master will pay them really good to get his head, The Crusader asks if he can join them. Hawke tells him the more bounty hunters on this task the easier they will take down The Shade.

47 "The Veteran"

The episode starts with Ivan walking the streets when he sees a crowd watching a man in military uniform fighting some thugs near the Lumaryea Bank. As he watches the fight he asks one of the nearby citizens who is he, the citizen replies that it's Marcus Stefan Karl or as he likes to be known as The Veteran, since last week he started fighting the villains and evil doers of the city, you can say he is the Number One protector of Lumaryea. As Ivan was walking backk to the hangar he sees Marcus at Kramm's celebrating, as he enters Marcus starts telling everybody stories about his adventures all around the world as The Veteran fighting in the Robuni War in the east, the Battle of Raynor V in the west.

Ivan amazed by the works of Marcus Stefan Karl tells everybody back at the hangar about the man who calls himself The Veteran. Kyle tells him that he knew of The Veteran because before his father's death in the Robuni War, he would tell stories of him and Marcus fighting together. But they had a disagreement but came to equal terms before the Robuni War. He also adds that he would love to meet Marcus himself and ask him more of about him and his father's adventures.

48 "Cosmo"

The episode starts with Kyle, Ivan and Nova watching television when an advertisement for Cosmo's Observatory comes up which a lucky someone can visit if they sign up and are picked by Cosmo himself. Ivan wins the trip and meets Frank Cosmo who shows him around his Observatory, meanwhile Kyle, Nova and Jarl prepare to head to Gandyr for the Gandyr Cup, Marcus tells them that if Apu Bahta races in it, that they tell him he said hi.

Kyle, Nova and Jarl arrive on Gandyr where they are greeted again by their sponsor Kastoff and wishes them good luck in the race, even though they don't need it. While preparing at the hangar they meet Apu Bahta who asks Team Eclipse if they are the ones who gave Marcus Flannigan the Gandyr Gem they acquired which they reply to with a yes and they tell him that Marcus said hi if they find Apu.

49 "Gandyr Cup"

The episode starts where the last one left of with Kyle, Nova and Jarl preparing to race in the Gandyr Cup and Ivan at Cosmo's Observatory looking around. Ivan while looking around found a familiar picture he likes and asks Frank Cosmo where he got it, he tells him that he got it from an old man here on Lumaryea by the name of Ego Storm. Ivan tells him that Ego is his father who was a space racer like him.

Back on Gandyr Kyle, Nova and Jarl are getting ready for the Gandyr Cup in a few minutes, Apu wishes them good luck and the races start. As always they win them first place and can progress to Chulain.

50 "Return of Doctor Roth Part 1"

The episode starts at Doctor Roth's base on an unnamed tropical planet where he has finally found a plan to take over the problematic Lumaryea on which the so called Team Eclipse ruined his conquest and takeover. His Roth Droids constructed an armored ship with a forcefield called the Spearhead by Roth, he tells his minions to prepare the ship for the invasion of Lumaryea.

Back at Team Eclipse's hangar they are celebrating their victory on Gandyr and are getting ready for Aynir next week when Marcus spots unknown ships coming into orbit he sent a message to try to contact them and is waiting for a call back. He tells everyone to come into the main room that he received a message from the incoming flag ship and it is Doctor Roth invading Lumaryea for the second time.

51 "Return of Doctor Roth Part 2"

The episode starts where the last one left of with Team Eclipse getting a message from Doctor Roth about him invading Lumaryea again and that he will succeed this time. Kyle tells M.A.I.R. to prepare the Whele-1 they are gonna defeat Roth themselves since he has some unfinished business from last time. Nova asks him if he has gone mad, he can't take on an entire army by himself which Kyle replies to, let me try, you can at least call backup if it goes sour.

Kyle and M.A.I.R. prepare for takeoff with Mira Ane wishing Kyle good luck and giving a goodbye kiss. Kyle tells M.A.I.R. to set course for Doctor Roth's fleet. M.A.I.R. tells him that there is a 25% chance of them succeeding on this mission with Kyle replying that he shouldn't tell him the odds. As the two are flying towards Roth's flagship they are greeted by Doctor Roth himself telling them that it was foolish thinking they could defeat him.

52 "Return of Doctor Roth Part 3"

The episode starts where the last one left of with Doctor Roth greeting Kyle and M.A.I.R. to their doom telling them it was foolish to think they could stop him this time. Before they are captured Kyle sends out a distress signal to Marcus and Ivan to inform the others they will need backup. Kyle tells Roth that he won't get away with this and that he will find a way to stop him. Doctor Roth leaves the prison cell laughing, telling him at least you tried. Ivan tells Nova and Jarl to get ready they have a fight on their hands.

They take of in their fighters and begin assaulting Doctor Roth's flagship. They infiltrate his ship and rescue Kyle and M.A.I.R. who went through severe damage from fighting of the Roth Droids but it wasn't enough. Team Eclipse go to the main pilot room where they faceoff with Doctor Roth himself. They defeat him with Roth telling them that it isn't the last they will see of him that he will be victorious one day. The team then returns to the hangar.

53 "Chulain Cup"

The episode starts with Team Eclipse landing on Chulain for the Chulain Cup which if they win they will be able to proceed to Keranta. Again they are greeted by their sponsor Kastoff who shows them around the suburban city of New Chulain. He tells them that it is still recovering from the war that happened 4 years ago.

Kastoff tells the team that they should not waste anymore time and wishes them good luck in the race. The team win the Chulain Cup and proceed to Keranta for the next cup.

54 "Team Crimson Strike Back"

The episode starts with Team Eclipse arriving on the swamp planet of Keranta when they encounter their old foes Team Crimson. Kyle tells Jarl to go spy on them near their hangar, Jarl does so but is ambushed by Grimash and Reaper, he is able to escape and inform the others of the information he got.

The race starts with Grimash telling Team Eclipse that they do not have a chance against them this time. But he eats his words when Team Eclipse finish all the races first and can proceed to Thenen Cup.

55 "Thenen Cup"

The episode starts with the team landing on Thenen where they are greeted by the representative of the planet who tells the racers all about it's mythological origins and the Mount Olympia. He tells them that the champions of the planet are Hydra and Minos who are fearsome foes on the race tracks and wishes the racers good luck against them.

The cup starts with the first race on Mount Olympia where Team Eclipse wins it and are able to complete the other four in first place kicking Minos and Hydra off as the champions of Thenen. Winning the cup let's them progress to Alpha Readra.

56 "The Space Police"

The episode starts with the team landing on Alpha Readra where the Blacktron Corp has established a criminal base and the sector's Space Police are trying to end their criminal empire. Team Eclipse asks the captain of the Space Police Cooper Maximoff if there is anyway they can help since they encountered and beat Flench and his Blacktron Corp before. Maximoff tells them the more people they have on capturing the criminals the higher the chances are of bringing them to justice. One of the Space Police Officers informs Captain Maximoff and Team Eclipse about an unknown craft landing on one of the landing pads and that it looks like a bounty hunter ship.

Kyle wonders what bouny hunters would be doing here on Alpha Readra, when Jarl reveals his secret to them that he is wanted by the criminal tyrant Ziggy Huttson who he owes credits 4 years ago while he was under the name of The Shade and that the bounty hunters finally caught up to him this day, but he won't go down without a fight and that he is gonna face them alone.

57 "Blaze of Glory"

The episode starts where the last one left of with the Bounty Hunters arriving at Alpha Readra to bring Jarl to their master Ziggy Huttson dead or alive. Jarl meets the bounty hunters outside the Space Police Headquarters telling Kyle, Nova and Ivan that they were great friends and that if he doesn't make it out alive that they remember his sacrifice. Hawke the leader of the bounty hunters orders Bones and M-0C to bring forth Jarl so Kharna, Zea and The Crusader can execute him, Jarl tries to fight and hold them off as much as he can ultimately falls and meets his end in a blaze of glory.

Kyle, Nova and Ivan shocked by the death of their long friend prepare for the Alpha Readra race and promise if they win the final cup that they will build a statue in his honor on Lumaryea. Team Eclipse wins the race and greet farewell to Captain Maximoff and the Space Police and wish them luck in capturing the Blacktron Corp but before they could leave Alpha Readra they are ambushed by Flench, Maerk and Einod, a well known infiltrator. Team Eclipse and the Space Police are able to defeat them and leave for the Artanis II Cup.

58 "Last-Minute"

The episode starts with Team Eclipse landing on Artanis II still not over Jarl's death to the Bounty Hunters. They are greeted by Kastoff who asks them why the sad faces, which they reply with that a noble man died back on Alpha Readra. Kastoff tells them that it is to bad and gives them his condolence, but he still wishes them good luck in the Artanis II Cup since it is the last of the season and if they win it, they can be the 18th champions of the Space Racers.

Team Eclipse at their hangar on the planet inform Marcus and Mira about Jarl's death and that if they win they will need to ask the mayor of Lumaryea to approve construction of Jarl's memorial statue. The cup starts with the racers racing the last cup and races of this season. Team Eclipse comes out victorius and crowned the champions of the eighteenth annual Space Racers. They head home to Lumaryea with Marcus telling them that if they have the funds the mayor will do anything to honor their friend. The episode ends a year later with Team Eclipse overlooking Jarl's Memorial Statue.


Wave 1

Wave 2

Wave 3

Wave 4


Wave 1

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Wave 4


  • All the seasons were serialized and some stories had 2 or 3 parts.
  • In the first promotional for Season 1 Kyle Malkowich, Nova Smithe and Ivan Storm were shown with their hair pieces but in Wave 1 they only have racer helmets. The hair pieces for the main heroes were not introduced till Season 2.
  • Season 3's characters were based on Xsizter's old custom theme, Bruzix which was also about space racing.
  • Season 3 was also the only season to not have any racing.
  • Wave 4 had the least sets.
  • The Season 4 episode The Bounty Hunters was a homage to the Samurai Jack Season 4 episode The Princess and the Bounty Hunters.


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