LEGO Jojo's Bizarre Adventure is an action-adventure LEGO Game developed by TT Games in association with DP Productions and Hirohiko Araki. The game is published by Warner Bros, Interactive Entertainment.

Story Mode

Part 1: Phantom Blood

Part 2: Battle Tendency

Part 3: Stardust Crusaders, Part 1

Part 3: Stardust Crusaders, Part 2

Part 4: Diamond is Unbreakable

Part 5: Golden Wind

Part 6: Stone Ocean




Dario Brando: Human/Crook

George Joestar l: Human/Gentleman

Jonathan Joestar: Gentleman/Ripple/Powerful/Sword Wielder

Dio Brando: Human or Vampire/Crook/Powerful

Erina Pendleton: Human/Elegant

Robert E. O. Speedwagon: Crook or Gentleman

Tattoo: Crook/Knife Wielder

Wang Chan: Human or Vampire/Crook/Powerful/Chemicals (Laughing/Fear Gas)

William A. Zeppeli: Ripple Master/Powerful

Jack the Ripper: Human or Zombie/Crook/Powerful/Sword Wielder

Poco: Human/Young/Slingshot Wielder

Zombie (Random Variations): Powerful/Various Weapons

Tarkus: Zombie/Powerful/Big/Axe Wielder

Bruford: Zombie/Powerful/Sword Wielder/Hair Control

Adams: Zombie/Tongue Control

Dire: Ripple Master/Powerful/Glide Attack/After Image

Straizo: Ripple Master/Powerful

Tonpetty: Ripple Master/Old/Hand to Hand

Doobie: Zombie/Snake Control

Robert E. O. Speedwagon (Old): Human/Normal

Straizo (Old or Vampire): Ripple (Self-Harming)/Vampire/Powerful

Joseph Joestar: Ripple/Clacker Volley/Powerful/Clever

Smokey Brown: Human/Normal

Erina (Pendleton) Joestar (Old): Human/Normal

Donovan: Soldier/Stealthy/Knife Wielder

Rudol von Stroheim: Soldier/Cyborg/Powerful

Santana: Pillar Man

Caesar A. Zeppeli: Ripple Master/Gentleman/Powerful

Mark: Soldier/Normal

Wamuu: Pillar Man

Esidisi: Pillar Man

Kars: Pillar Man

Lisa Lisa: Ripple Master/Elegant

Suzie Q.: Human/Normal

Messina: Ripple Master/Powerful

Loggins: Ripple Master/Powerful

Mario Zeppeli: Human/Normal

Wired Beck: Vampire

Zombie Horses

George Joestar ll

Soldier (Random Variations)

Kars (The Ultimate Lifeform)

Joseph Joestar (Old)

Holly (Joestar) Kujo

Police (Variations)

Jotaro Kujo

Muhammed Avdol


Delinquent (Random Variations)

Noriaki Kakyoin


Gray Fly

Jean Pierre Polnareff

Sailor (Random Variations)


Captain Tennille

Forever (Orangutang)

DEVO the Cursed

Rubber Soul

Hol Horse


J. Giel


Steely Dan

Arabia Fats

Mannish Boy



Iggy (Dog)




Caravien Sarai



Danial J. D'Arby

Pet Shop

Telence T. D'Arby

Kenny G.

Vanilla Ice


Senator Wilson Phillips

Koichi Hirose

Jotaro Kujo (Part 4)

Josuke Higashikata

Giorno Giovanna

Jolyne Kujo


Carriage (1 driver/2 passenger) (Horses)

Motorcycle (1 driver) (Color Variations) Bike

Zombie Chariot (1 driver) (Horses)

Plane (1 driver/4 passenger) (Multiple builds) (Mini)

Strength (Stand/Boat) (Non-piloted) (Non-built)

Wheel of Fortune (1 driver) (Stand)

F*Mega (15 and 28) (Hologram effect)

Oil Tanker (1 driver) (OVA)

Road Roller (1 driver)

Ambulance (1 driver/3 passenger)

Car (Generic)

Van (1 driver/6 Passenger)

Aerosmith (Stand) (0 seats)


Joestar Mansion (Day and Night, based on progress in story)

Ogre Street (Night)

Windnight's Lot (Night)

New York City (Day and Night, based on progress in story)

Mexico (German base) (Day)

Rome street (Night)

Air Supplena Island (Night)

Switzerland (Kars Hotel and Skeleton Heal Stone) (Night)

Volcano (Day)

Tokyo (Airport)

Kujo Household (Day)

Tiger Balm Garden (Day)

Boat (Captain Tennile's and Forever"s) (Day)


Egypt (DIO's Castle and City) (Night)

Morioh (Largest Hub) (Day)

Naples (Day)

Venice (Night)

Rome (Colosseum included) (Dawn)

Time Erase

Green Dolphin Street Prison/Prison Grounds (Day)

Kennedy Space Center (Sideways) (Day)

Beach (Time Accelerated)



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