LEGO Hunter x Hunter: The Video Game

LEGO Hunter x Hunter is a LEGO Action-Adventure Video Game developed by TT Games in co-operation with Shueshia, Madhouse and Yoshihiro Togashi.

The game lets the player follow the events of the 2011 Anime with Gon Freeccss, Killua Zoldyck, Leorio Paradinight and Kurapika in the world of Hunters. Players will battle strong oppontents, solve puzzles and traverse the vast world of Hunter x Hunter as they delve deeper into the anime story. Unlock over 150 characters, Play through 26 chapters as you experience the Hunter Exam Arc, Zoldyck Family Arc, Heaven's Arena Arc, Yorknew City Arc, Greed Island Arc, Chimera Ant Arc & 13th Chairman Election Arc in LEGO form with the recognizable LEGO Game humor.

Story Mode

Chapter 1: Preliminary Phase

Chapter 2: The Hunter Exam

Chapter 3: Third Phase

Chapter 4: Zevil Island

Chapter 5: Final Phase

Chapter 6: Zoldyck Family

Chapter 7: Heaven's Arena

Chapter 8: Triple Threat

Chapter 9: Gon vs. Hisoka

Chapter 10: The Box

Chapter 11: Nostrade's Mansion

Chapter 12: The Underground Auction

Chapter 13: The Shadow Beasts

Chapter 14: The Exchange

Chapter 15: Greed Island

Chapter 16: Biscuit Krueger

Chapter 17: Soufrabi Pirates

Chapter 18: Razor

Chapter 19: The Bomber

Chapter 20: Kite

Chapter 21: Entering NGL

Chapter 22: 30 Days Without Nen

Chapter 23: The Ants and Spiders

Chapter 24: Palace Invasion

Chapter 25: The Chase

Chapter 26: Top of the World





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