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===Douglas Craig===
===Douglas Craig===
===Freddie King===
===Freddie King===
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LA Vice is a fictional series that ran for five seasons. It is set in Los Angeles, and follows the life of Roy King as he makes his way up through the Vice Squad. At the start of the series, Roy is partnered with Bill Fisher, a corrupt detective with ties to the LA underoworld. As the series progresses, Roy becomes steadily more corrupt and ultimately becomes the main police contact of mobster Carl Bronson.

The series is intended to be a Noir style TV series set in the modern day.


Roy King

"Let's cut a deal"

Roy is the titular character of the series, and is the main protagonist. Over the course of the series, he goes from being a straight policeman to being the most corrupt men on the force. At the end of Season 1, he and Bill manage to crack down on a large people smuggling ring, earning them a commendation. However, by this time, Roy has begun to pick up on Bill's illicit behaviour, and while disapproving at first, ultimately joins him on the dark side. In season 2, Roy kills Chief Howard, who is planning to take out a hit on Government official, who plans to have him replaced. Bill helps him cover it up, but this sets in motion the events of Season 3, in which the Homocide Department try to track down whoever killed Howard. In the finale, Roy frames Jerry Andrews for the crime, and Jerry is executed. In Season 4, Roy has become a corrupt king, but is hampered by the new Chief of Police, Arthur Holborn. He begins muscling in on Bill's turf, prompting Bill to try and report him to IA. However, Roy kidnaps him and holds him in his basemnt for two days. After this, Bill tries to kill Nicole, forcing Roy to kill him. In Season 5, Roy gets involved with mobster Carl Bronson. However, when he tries to back out, they kill Nicole. Roy leads the LAPD against Bronson, and in the season finale shoots himself.

Bill Fisher

"You'd better leave any innocence Traffic left you with at home, Kid. You're working Vice now"

Bill is a corrupt cop in the Vice Department, and is partnered with Roy at the begininning of Season 1. It's rumored he killed his previous partner, Dan Rose, who planned to report him to Internal Affairs in exchange for immunity.In Season 2, Bill mentors Roy on how to play the law to his ends, and helps Roy cover up his involvement in the murder of Police Chief Howard, which culminates in the framing and execution of Jerry Andrews. In Season 4, Bill decides Roy has gotten too big for his boots and threatens to hand him over to the new Chief, Arthur Holborn. Roy kidnaps him, and Bill is kept in Roy's basement for two days. Upon his escape, Bill doesn't try to have Roy fired, but instead tries to kill Nicole. He is killed when Roy shoots him through the head. Bill does not appear in season 5.

Nicole King

Jerry Andrews

Douglas Craig

Freddie King

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