Sgt. L.J "Lincoln" Hunterson (born James Tyler) Tanker's paternal step-grandson and Will's youngest Son and Javal's Stepbrother. Winston's paternal grandson, Bob's honorary cousin/buddy.

His father named John Tyler. Ailas changed named James Tyler.
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L.J Hunterson (film)
Vital Statistics
Gender Male
Family Will Hunterson (father)

Martin Williams (surrogate father; resurrected)

Tanker Williams (step-grandfather)

Winston Hunterson (paternal grandfather)

Travis Hunterson (paternal uncle)

Jacob Hunterson (paternal first-cousin)

Charile Roberils (honorary uncle)

Javal Williams (Stepbrother)

Bobby Lee Swagger (honorary-cousin)

Juile Swagger (honorary-aunt)

Hunter Davies (foster cousin)

Status Alive (resumed attacked by Travis Hunterson)
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Home California, Los Angeles
Appearances Untitled South Of Codes (film) (first appearance)

Untitled Killer of Codes Untitled Cold of Guns (photograph)

Quests None
Performer None
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