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Kung Fu Retreat (2019 film) Thriller Martial Arts Rated R Netflix film.


  • Jason Hydes as Mayor Colonel Charile Kennedy; former Ex-millitary and former Kung Fu-instructor; charile was deceased from rivalry Feilx.
  • Matthew Ebanks as Matt 'Matty' Russo, Charile's trainer.
  • Joseph Swaby as Colonel Feilx Andros; U.S Marine Ex-sniper and Charile's student and rival.
  • Yanet Swaby as Lisbet Andros
  • Tyson Tatum as Captain Colonel Rocky Gennero-Martin; Ex-millitary and scout sniper.
  • Yoli Ebanks as Mrs. Porter (framed photo); Charile's ex-wife.
  • Solangel Cardenas as Juile, Charile's friend and worker employer.
  • Ericksen Brown as Mr. Lee; Kung Fu teacher and Charile's adopted father.
  • Oliver Swaby as Freeman (uncredited)