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DISCLAIMER: This never happens in cannon. This is completely fanon. But krillin and his forms (except for the red force lightning) and the son, red force lightning and lightsabers are a thing in Dragon Ball and Star Wars The Clone Wars. I also photoshopped the images and credit goes to the respective owners. Rinkudamanrd (talk) 01:05, March 25, 2019 (UTC)Rinkudamanrd

The Battle

Krillin: *Teleports to Mortis, in Star wars universe* What? Where am I?

The Son: *walks up to him* Ah, another hero

Krillin: Who are you?

The Son: Don't play Dumb. You know Jedi scum

Krillin: ?

The Son: Shoots red force lightning

Krillin: NANI?! *jumps out of the way*

The Son: Pathetic. Where is your lightsaber? Oh. You don't have one. Too bad. *Pulls out lightsaber*

Krillin: Ka... me... ha... me... ha!

The Son: NANI?! *Deflects it with lightsaber*

Krillin: Aww man

The Son: *Uses the force to pull him 20 feet above the ground and dropps him*

Krillin: *uses Balloon Technique*

The Son: Impressive

Krillin: Solar Flare!

The Son: NANI?! *Gets blinded*

Krillin: Now this will be easy *goes behind*

The Son: I can still use the Force to sense you. *Attacks with force lightning*

Krillin: ARGH!


Krillin: *Accidentally absorbs it* Red force lightning KAMEHAMEHA!

The Son: *tries to deflect with lightsaber but fails* ARGH


It hits The Son who falls over, dead

Krillin: Cool! New abilities!



Krillin Red Force Lightning Kamehameha

Krillin using red force lightning kamehameha

Red Force Lightning Distructo disc

Krillin using red force lightning destructo disc

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