Krabs Vs Plankton is a spin off to spongebob squarepants focusing on mr.krabs and plankton fighting each other


in this spin off we see what happens after the employees are gone in bikini bottom that being krabs and plankton battling for restaurant supremacy

Season 1

  1. How it All began-In the pilot episode we see what Mr.Krabs and Plankton do when there are no more employees in they're restaurants
  2. The Rap Battle-Krabs and Plankton enter a rap battle contest in doing do they decide to make a bet if Krabs wins plankton will give him some money if plankton wins he get's the secret formula
  3. SeaMonkeys-Krabs and Plankton are force to work together when Seamonkeys invade
  4. Cook-Off - Mr. Krabs and Plankton enter a cook-off.
  5. The Krustybot Vs Planktron-Mr.Krabs and Plankton makes giant robots to fight each other with will The Krustybot save Bikini bottom?
  6. WrassleMania-Krabs and plankton enter a wrestling contest and both make teams who will win?
  7. Hot Dog - Mr. Krabs and Plankton enter a hot dog eating contest.
  8. Kaiju Krab vs plankton's robot-Plankton unleashes his monster potion on mr.krabs bust must stop it when somehow it is destroying everything and his restaraunt thus must use his giant robot from when he tried to woo mr.krabs mother
  9. Dance Contest - Krabs and Plankton enter a dance contest.
  10. Villain Team up is go...again-planktons hires the most biggest baddest criminals in bikini bottom manray,the dirty bubble,the strangler,burgerbeard,bubblebass,planktron,stickyfins mcgee and dorsal dan,the bikini bottom prison prisoners,howard blandy,carl,squillaim fancyson.the flying dutchman,rusty rivets,plankton's family,Dennis,the atomic flounder,jumbo shrimp,prawn,flats the flounder,the sinister slug, alaskan of the living dead,gorilla,colonel carper,cyclops,doodlebob,the trenchbillies,gale doppler,noodleman,misteir weiner,pizza pete,senor taco
  11. Hero Team, Up Is Go - Mr. Krabs teams up with mermaid man and barnacle boy after the villains led by plankton team up to steal the formula 
  12. Thumb Wrestle - Krabs and Plankton enter a thumb wrestling contest and both make teams who will win?
  13. Vegas-Krabs Goes to vegas but plankton follows trying to steal the formula
  14. Hip-Hop - Plankton challenge Krabs to the hip-hop dance off the winner get's the formula
  15. Olympics - Plankton challenge Krabs to the olympics
  16. Drinking Contest - Mr. Krabs challenge Planton to the  drinking contest whoever wins get's the formula
  17. The Rodeo-Mr.Krabs enlists the help of Sandy Cheeks to help the Krusty Krab win the rodeo against Plankton
  18.   The Spy-Someone is Spying On both The Chum Bucket And the Krusty Krab Mr.Krabs and Plankton must do the unthinkable and team up
  19. Tech Wiz-Mr.Krabs hires a tech wiz to find plankton (guest starring Markiplier)

Season 2 

  1.   Robot Ruckus-karen goes crazy and tries to get rid of plankton in the end karen is sent to Jail and is given a spanking by the robot policeman
  2. Wedgienator-there is a Austrian robot giving everyone in bikini bottom a wedgie mr.krabs and plankton must team up to stop him

Season 3 (final)

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