Beaver-like kosupa

This species of kosupa is called Jackson's beaveroid, which is native to New Zealand and is named due to its resemblance I'm appearance and niche to European and American true beavers.

Kosupa is the first mammal species that first appeared from The Early Triassic period in The Mesozoic Era and survived to the very late Quaternary period in The Cenozoic Era. It's a vertebrate like all mammals. They range in size from the size of a rat to the size of a German shepherd. Its diet are mollusks, Mesozoic birds except Protobirds (only in the Mesozoic era), Cenozoic birds (only in The Cenozoic), smaller mammals, frogs, insects, and spiders. Depending on a species, they resemble a cross between a Virginia opossum and a beaver, while some resemble a cross between a mole and a sloth, etc. Their fur color can range, depending on a species, from white, to red, to black, to red and black (striped), to polka dot red, to white and black, and to darker black. Their lifespan can range from just 9 years to 21, depending on a species. Their fangs are very similar to fangs of dogs, Tasmanian devil, bears (grizzly and polar), and sharks. Their fangs are powerful enough to break bones in a similar amount of strength as that of spotted hyenas. Like all mammals, its only respiration system includes lungs, not gills, so it has to breath air. It's both a aquatic mammal and a land mammal. They're good swimmers and runners much like otters. They can run almost half the speed of king cheetahs, but are still very fast. Depending on a species, rat-sized ones are about as strong as rabbits while German shepherd-sized ones are as strong as lions. They are part of a group of mammals called monotremes, which also includes platypuses and echidnas, so the kosupas lays eggs. It lives in many habitats around Australia. Baby Kosupa is called a Kosubupletling. The female Kosupa can produce milk that is made out of milk and venom, but the Kosupas themselves are immune to their own venom.
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