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Kofuku no Henka (a.k.a. The Black Witch, Calamity Hime, Gun-Toting Hime) is the leader of The Freak Shows. She is one of the main antagonists in the Avataro Sentai DonBrothers fanfic Secrets of the Noto Realm, which talks about the culture of the Nouto, along with the trio of Sonoi, Sononi, and Sonoza. She is a Noto that resides in the forbidden part of the Noto Realm as a result of her violent ways against Anoni, and as a result, Sonoi exiled her to the forbidden part of the Noto realm, where violent storms were frequent. Other Noto call her the Black Witch and would look in terror when someone says her name out loud (in the case of Adam Zed).

She is the leader of a group of renegade Nouto who were ridiculed by both Anoni and Nouto for being different in some way.


Kofuku no Henka is a calculating individual, but at the same time a caring individual to her allies, which she shows through the fanfic with genuine love and care. When Adam Zed (a Nouto who had a different talent when compared to the other Nouto) came seeking her for answers, she was more than willing to tell him directly, and also adding the fact that he isn't the only Nouto affected by this (as seen with Maria Tron and Soni-X). Upon discovering that the Airily sunglasses have a negative effect with the report of a renegade Nouto, she tells Adam Zed to throw them away and destroy them, to which he does.

She is also a very formidable opponent in combat, as seen when when Sonoi attempted to stab her with his sword, she was clever enough to disarm his own sword by grabbing it with her strength and using his own cool sword against him to fatally wound him.

Sometimes she flails out her tongue like a demon lord.


Part 1

Soon, Sonoi and his allies Sonini and Sonoza will be destroyed. We will command a great and terrible army to destroy them. Adam Zed, the Anoni that you have slain and brought to me is only the beginning.
―Kofuku no Henka to Adam Zed about their plan to destroy Sonoi, Sononi, and Sonoza.
There are Noto out there who are like us. I can feel it. The Noto realm is full of mystery even to us. Even if it's a meta verse made from human thoughts - there's a lot more to it.
―Kofuku no Henka to Maria Tron
We have to see the Juto in action first. All I know is that they want to destroy the Noto. Legends has it that they destroyed countless Noto civilizations.
―Adam Zed asking Kofuku if the Joto will serve them
With great power comes great fear, and with great fear comes great respect. The Nouto shunned us because of the different circumstances and made us suffer differently, so we will make them suffer seven times over, even if we are Nouto ourselves.
―Kofuku's last words as part 1 to comes to an end

Part 2


Kofuku no Henka has glasses that allow her to detect Anoni that she made herself. She is an analytical opponent, focusing more on disarming her opponents so that her teammates can finish the job. She can give these glasses to her allies. Unlike the Airfly sunglasses, these glasses do come off. She no longer makes them by the end of part 1 after discovering they have a negative side effect.

She can give away a part of her magic in her book to her friend from the book named after herself called Darklight Ascension to Adam Zed to power up the latter. She also has portals that can be used to teleport her defeated comrades to the forbidden realm as a part of her kindness to others.


  • The fact that Kofuku no Henka says that "We will command a great and terrible army." is an allusion to The Lich from Adventure Time. Unlike The Lich, Kofuku no Henka is a complex character, whereas the Lich is outright terrifying.
    • In the end of part 1, she wants to make the Nouto Council suffer for what they did to those who are different than other Nouto in appearance. This is justified by her genuine friendship with her teammates.
  • The group of renegade Noto she leads are called The Freak Shows.
  • Her height is 6' 6.6''. And it is revealed that she had killed 216 Anoni to show off her fighting skills.