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Knowledge (Earth-616)
Titles & Aliases
 Real Name Metatron
 Current Alias Knowledge
 Aliases The Teacher
 Editorial Names Cosmic Elder of Knowledge, All-Knowing Elder
 Relatives Mulitversal Knowledge (Full Self)
Ignorance ("Brother" counterpart)
Intelligence ("sister" intellectual counterpart)
 Affiliation Cosmic Elders
 Base of Operation
 Identity Secret
 Marital Status Single
 Occupation Keeper of the Cosmic Archives & the Infinity Well
 Gender Male
 Height 6'1"
 Eye Color Green
 Fur Color
 Hair Color Blonde
 Unusual Features
 Origin Conceptual Entity, Embodiment of Knowledge
 Universe Earth-616
 Place of Birth Beginning of the universe.
 Creators AtlantisUchiha
First Appearance
MvCvAU #10

Knowledge (also known as The Teacher or Merlin) is a Conceptual Entity, and one of the Cosmic Elders. Considered the knowledge counterpart of Intelligence, he knows almost everything there is to virtually know in the universe, and is the most interactive with the Physical Realm then the other Conceptual Entities or any Cosmic Elders.


Early Existence


Powers & Abilities


Conceptual Physiology: Knowledge is entire made of the concept he embodies.

  • Knowledge Embodiment: Being the Conceptual manifestation/embodiment of knowledge itself, Knowledge embodies all the aspects of knowledge and information. Being to virtually know everything, and in turn also possess pisonic abilities, and arcane and cosmic knowledge.
  • Cosmic Awareness: Knowledge is able to perceive reality, and be able to the "truth" regardless how good it is hidden.
    • 4th Wall Awareness: Knowledge is aware he is a fictional entity, and can interact with our reality.
    • Astral Vision: Knowledge is able to see the overlapping realms, realities and dimensions beyond the physical planes of existence.
    • Boundary Perception: Knowledge is able to see any and all boundaries in the universe he inhabits, including every and all metaphysical boundaries, and dimensional boundaries that exists between worlds.
    • Empathy: Knowledge is able to perfectly interpret any and all emotions and feelings just by being near them, and exactly/perfectly replicate them.
    • Essence Reading: Knowledge is able to see the true essence of anything that tries to hide its true self. He is capable of seeing the true essence of shapeshifters, making shapshifting pointless.
    • Illusion Awareness: Knowledge is fully aware of the reality at all times, making illusions almost pointless, as he will be aware he is in a illusion, and thus negate its effect with no effort.
    • Lie Detection: Knowledge is able to easily see through a lie, no matter how they cover it up.
    • Truth Detection: Knowledge knows when one is telling the truth.
    • Parallel Viewing: Knowledge is able to perceive things that is from another realm, reality, dimensions and alternated universes.
    • Reality Awareness: Knowledge is fully aware of the reality he inhabits, and knows when something in the reality shifts or changes.
    • Reality Clarification: Knowledge is able to allow others to perceive of reality, making them able to see the "truth of situations or livelihoods".
    • Shapeshifting Awareness: Knowledge is able to see through the disguise of a shapeshifter.
    • Telepathy: Knowledge is able to transmit and receive mental information, and conduct brainwaves into a type of data, to which he can turn it into and interpret into language.

Supernatural Condition

  • Nigh Absolute Strength: Being purely made of concept, Knowledge is capable of exerting near-limitless amount of strength, with limitations.


Power Level

Knowledge's strength is far beyond most beings, and even among his bretren, and such holds a special place among their status.


  • Knowledge abilities and powers only derives from knowledge as the conceptual manifestation/knowledge.




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