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Kitty Surprise! is the pilot episode of MysteryGirls. It aired on JayMeDino TV‘s Bonanza Brittanime

block on June 8th, 2016


Warning: May contain spoilers

Summer, Taylor, and Jade are watching their favorite movie, Stranded At Caino Bay when they get up to get a drink seemingly StrawBerry Milk by Milkshaking Farms. Summer, Taylor and Jade begin to feel odd. Summer begins to shrink to cat size, she runs to grab the phone but she can’t reach. Jade also begins to shrink. Taylor and Jade begin to look more like cats Summer, what the heck is wrong with us? " Taylor asks Summer. Taylor begins to realize what’s going on. She says a bleeped out cuss word. Summer’s hands shift into paws. Summer, Taylor, and Jade begin to meow instead of speak worriedly. It cuts to them at the river trying to catch fish, now as fully transformed cats. They fall asleep with their heads rested down facing the river. Summer, Taylor, and Jade wake up nude (however it’s censored), they run back to Summer’s house to grab their clothes and they go back to the forest and talk about the strange occurence that happened. Jade begins to research this mysterious milk company and realizes they went bankrupt shortly after Summer, Taylor, and Jade turned into cats. They decide to look up the headquarters adress and realize it’s relatively nearby, the see thousands of gallons of the stuff, small cobwebs, and a computer. The girls brings a few large jugs full of the milk to school, where Dominique realizes anyone who drinks it will absorb cat DNA, which will gradually take over there body and they will stay as cats for the next seven hours. Summer tries to find out who the CEO was, and once she locates him, she asks abiut the chemistry used to make the milk. After finding out, they destroy all of the milk that was in the factory and arrest the CEO.

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