Kitty Cat Pals is an American Animated Series shown on Shires Junior and animated by Wild Boar Animation.


Two Cats Named Ringo And Polly leave the house and embark on wild adventures.



  • Ringo (voiced by Benji Risley) A Grey Kitten with A Blue Collar.
  • Polly (voiced by Jodi Benson) A Yellow Kitten with a Pink Collar Who is only a few months older than Ringo.
  • Henry (voiced by Maurice LaMarche): A Brown Dog with a Green Collar Who Sometimes Ends Up on an Adventure.
  • Robot Cat (voiced by Tom Kenny): A White And Red Robot Cat built by Rob and the only animal character that can talk in front of the Humans.
  • Rob (voiced by Roger Craig Smith): Ringo and Polly’s Owner Who works at a Cat Toy Making Company,
  • Gillis (voiced by Danny Mann) A Goldfish who travels on a bubble on land.
  • Captain Wondermeow (voiced by J. Elaine Marcos): A White Half-Cat, Half-Pegasus with Flowing Hair, A Glowing Horn, and Giant Wings who guides Ringo and Polly on their adventures. She also has the ability to defeat bad guys with Lazer Paws.


  • Gia (Season 2) (voiced by Spencer Moss): A Cream Cat with Copper Accents Who has a Crush on Ringo.
  • Shannon (voiced by Sanai Victoria): A Little Girl Who is Gia and Cager’s Owner.
  • Mao (Season 2) (voiced by Ayden Soria): A Siamese Cat with Wheels for Back Legs Who has a Crush on Polly.
  • Cager (voiced by Kath Soucie): A Young Black and White Guinea Pig Who is Shannon’s Only Pet Until She brought Gia home.
  • Johnny (voiced by Tara Strong): A Young Pelican Wearing a Sailor Costume Who lives on the beach.
  • Anna (Season 2) (voiced by Cree Summer): Mao’s Owner Who works at a Pet Adoption Center and has a Crush on Rob.
  • Junksworth (voiced by Huey Lewis): is a Junkyard Cat with a Lot of things in his yard.
  • Hedgebert (voiced by Fred Armisen): A Hedgehog Who lives in a Secret area in the park that only Ringo, Polly, Gia, and Robot Cat Know about.
  • Leroy (voiced by Eric Bauza): A Fat Orange Cat who participates in a Lot Of Special Events.
  • Deryl (voiced by Tom Kenny): The Local Fire Dog.
  • Josie (voiced by Grey DeLisle): A Pink Cat Wearing a Purple Bandana Who lives at the Cat Condo Apartment Building in the Pets Only Street.


  • Cheesecake and Rudolph (voiced by Frank Welker and Dee Bradley Baker): Two Dogs Who bully Ringo and Polly. Cheesecake has green fur and wears gold clothes and is the one in command, while Rudolph has Blue Fur and wears a black spike collar, However, Rudolph doesn’t speak, But when he does, he only releases a loud barking noise.
  • Hercules (voiced by Gary Anthony Williams): A Strong Black Cat who challenges Ringo and Polly on matches.
  • Snappy (voiced by Billy West): A Teal Shark who wants to eat Ringo and Polly.
  • King Fopher (voiced by Jack McBrayer: The King of the Gophers who collects golf balls.

Guest Stars


Season 1

  1. Theme Song (Performed by Ringo and Polly)
  2. Adventure Song (Performed by Ringo and Polly, Sometimes other Characters)
  3. Nothing Can Be More Fun (Performed by Ringo, Polly, and Animals of Hawaii)
  4. Let’s Get Cleaning (Performed by Ringo, Polly, Henry, and Gillis)
  5. The Chase is On (Performed by Ringo and Polly)
  6. Get That Yarn (Performed by Ringo and Polly)
  7. Touch of A Plushie (Performed by Polly)
  8. Good Luck (Performed by Junksworth)
  9. Natalie the Camel (Performed by Ringo, Polly, and Henry)
  10. Fire Dogs (Performed by Deryl)
  11. Build-A-Bestie Commercial Jingle (Performed by Ringo, Polly, and Children)
  12. Walking on Ice (Performed by Mr. Polar Bear)
  13. Learning Can Be Fun (Performed by Johnny)
  14. Putting It Together (Performed by Ringo and Polly)
  15. Proud to Be a Pest (Performed by Cheesecake)
  16. Highway Kittens (Performed by Ringo, Polly, and Robot Cat)
  17. Get Silly (Performed by Ringo and Polly)
  18. Rules of The Royal Cat (Performed by Precious)
  19. Scuba Kittens (Performed by Ringo and Polly)
  20. Sleepy Rob (Performed by Ringo and Polly)
  21. Buggy’s Lullaby (Performed by Henry, Ringo, and Polly)
  22. Who is The Bird? (Performed by Ringo and Polly)
  23. Beaver Rap (Performed by Beavus)
  24. Keep On Trying (Performed by Captain Wondermeow)
  25. The Kitten Who Saved Our Lives (Performed by Polly, Leroy, Josie, Cheesecake, Rudolph, and Cats)
  26. Cooling Down (Performed by Ringo, Polly, and Gillis)
  27. Get Stealth (Performed by Henry)
  28. Meow Meow Woof Blub (Performed by Ringo, Polly, Henry, Robot Cat, and Gillis)
  29. Jetski Away (Performed by Ringo and Polly)
  30. You’re Still Little to Me (Performed by Ringo, Polly, and Henry)
  31. Don’t Wake Henry (Performed by Ringo and Polly)
  32. Like A Fly (Performed by Ringo and Polly)
  33. Boo Boo Boo Hoo (Performed by Ringo, Polly, and Henry)
  34. On Halloween (Performed by Ringo and Polly)
  35. Nobody Can Find Me (Performed by Oscar)
  36. Old Memories (Performed by Josie)
  37. Colors (Performed by Ringo and Polly)
  38. Story of a Stick (Performed by Hedgebert)
  39. Doesn’t Take That Many (Performed by Ringo, Polly, and Junksworth)
  40. Latke Datke (Performed by Ringo, Polly, and Gillis)
  41. Clawing Again (Performed by Ringo and Polly)
  42. Squirrel Chase (Performed by Ringo, Polly, and Henry)
  43. Wake Up (Performed by Ringo, Polly, and Henry)
  44. What Can I Do? (Performed by Ringo and Captain Wondermeow)
  45. Dry Cleaner Kitty Party (Performed by Ringo, Polly, and Josie)
  46. Use Your Indoor Meow (Performed by Ringo and Polly)
  47. Kitty Lockdown (Performed by Polly)
  48. Gillis (Performed by Ringo, Polly, and Henry)
  49. Give Each Other Gifts (Performed by Ringo and Polly)
  50. Better When You’re Dancing (Performed by Hedgebert)

Season 2

  1. Gia, Gia, Gia (Performed by Gia, Ringo, Polly, Henry, Robot Cat, and Gillis)
  2. Unstoppable (Performed by Polly and Gia)
  3. I Need Help Too (Performed by Captain Wundermeow)
  4. The Claw Fairy (Performed by Ringo, Polly, Henry, Gillis, and Robot Cat)
  5. Yodel (Performed by Popee)
  6. Spy Kittens (Performed by Ringo and Polly)
  7. A Friend Named Rob (Performed by Ringo and Polly)
  8. Hello Little Caterpillar (Performed by Gia)
  9. Home for Christmas (Performed by Ringo, Polly, and Gia)
  10. What a Snow Leopard Needs (Performed by Nalla)
  11. You Need Plenty of Rest (Performed by Henry)
  12. Buffalos (Performed by Frank the Frog)
  13. Hercules (Performed by Cheesecake)
  14. Red Light is Hard to Catch (Performed by Bosco, Ringo, and Polly)
  15. Kitty Grooming (Performed by Ringo, Polly, Gia, Henry, Gillis, and Robot Cat)
  16. A Present for Gia (Performed by Ringo)
  17. The Light (Performed by Ringo, Polly, and Captain Wundermeow)
  18. Who Did It? (Performed by Ringo, Polly, Gia, Cheesecake, Rudolph, and Leroy)
  19. Looking for Robot Dog (Performed by Ringo, Polly, Henry, Captain Wundermeow, and Gillis)
  20. Gotta Run (Performed by Spot)
  21. Nothing Scares Me (Performed by Ringo, Polly, Gillis, and Henry)
  22. Gold Things (Performed by Ringo, Polly, and Kenny)
  23. Wow Wow Wow (Performed by Gia)
  24. Follow that Truck (Performed by Ringo, Polly, Cheesecake, and Rudolph)
  25. Gotta Get Home (Performed by Polly, Ringo, and Gia)
  26. Fantastic 5 (Performed by Ringo, Polly, Gia, Henry, and Gillis)
  27. Turtle Stuff (Performed by Ringo and Polly)
  28. Crush on Yarn (Performed by Ringo)
  29. I Can Do This (Performed by Cager)
  30. Under the River (Performed by Ringo, Polly, and Gia)
  31. Take You Down (Performed by Ringo, Polly, Gia, and Josie)
  32. We’re Coming to You (Performed by Ringo, Gia, and Mao)
  33. Yo Ho, Get Up and Go (Performed by Ringo, Polly, Gia, and Trucky)
  34. I Very Don’t Care (Performed by Cheesecake)
  35. It’s Hard Being Disabled (Performed by Mao)
  36. Two Different Speeds Combined (Performed by Bonnie and Migs)
  37. Quietly (Performed by Meena)
  38. Being Nice (Performed by Cheesecake and Rudolph)
  39. Take a Pic (Performed by Ringo and Polly)
  40. How to Make a Clock (Performed by Raimond)
  41. One Little Thing (Performed by Ringo, Polly, Benny, and Seahorses)
  42. Bravest Knights (Performed by Ringo, Polly, Henry, and Gia)
  43. If You Take a Look (Performed by Liza)
  44. It’s Your Birthday Today (Performed by Ringo, Polly, Henry, Gillis, Gia, Cheesecake, Rudolph, Mao, Josie, etc.)
  45. Sneak Out (Performed by Hedgebert)
  46. Lights All Over the Place (Performed by Ringo, Polly, and Henry)
  47. Slumber Party (Performed by Ringo, Polly, Gia, Henry, and Gillis)
  48. Without You (Performed by Ringo and Polly)
  49. New Voicebox (Performed by Ringo, Polly, Gia, and Robot Cat)
  50. Under the House (Performed by Ringo, Polly, Henry, and Gillis)
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