In time all bad cats run short of their nine lives
~ Kitty-Kat to Superman at the Gauntlet

Real name: Katharine Graham


Propietor Graham Gemstones,

Professional Thief,

Base of Operations:

Graham Gemstones


Hair: Black
Height: 5.8
Weight: 135 lbs
First Appearance: Action Comics #75


Voice Actor:

Cindy Robinson

Katharine Graham also known as Kitty-Kat is the orphaned daughter of Metropolis vetenarian Cassandra Graham and renowned Metropolis Jeweller Martin Graham.

She possesses super-strength, unnatural agility, super speed and flexibility the result of deliberate exposure to Kryptonite crystals.

She is skilled in acrobatics and had originally served out a career as a cat burglar stealing gemstones from those who had stolen from her murdered father whilst exacting her own fiery vengeance upon them.

She had initially served as a love interest of Superman's during their original entanglements but her villainy and incarceration broke apart their relationship.

She was later transferred to Belle Reve Hospital for the Criminally Insane after suffering a complete breakdown which she blamed upon the Man Of Steel and set her sights on paying him back.

She was one of few villains to have been released from Belle Reve Hospital by fellow patient Lex Luthor whom recruited her as his unofficial secretary and right hand woman which spiralled into a turbulent relationship.

Incident Reports

Redemption Incident

Fortress Incident

Wasteland Incident


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