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Kitten Academy is an American-Canadian Live-Action/CGI Hybrid Series created by Jack Bernhardt, the same person who directed Sky Bob and Beverly Hills Greyhound.


4 Kittens named Comet, Sparkle, Wilbur, and Rosie go to a school for cats.



  • Comet: An Orange Cat who is the adventurous of the four.
  • Sparkle: A White Cat who is the only stray of the 4 and is a tomboy.
  • Wilbur: A Yellow Cat who is the smart one of the four.
  • Rosie: A Purple Cat who is The Youngest and Girliest of the Four.
  • Daniel Henry: A Little Boy who has a Mirror that can transport him to Kitten Academy.
  • Charles Cornelius: The Founder of Kitten Academy who can talk to animals.
  • Max Cornelius: Charles’ Grandson.


  • Whiskers: A Brown Cat who is Charles’ Cat and the Co-Principal of Kitten Academy who is the true antagonist and not Fred.
  • Daniel Henry: Comet’s Owner.
  • Akila: A Little Girl who is Daniel’s Crush and has a soft spot for Sparkle.
  • Isabella Berkeley, Rosie’s Owner and Max’s Best Friend.
  • Hovis: A Cat formerly owned by Charles during his childhood who is a ghost that gives him advice.
  • Fluffy: A Troublemaking Black Cat who can only say her name.
  • Boss: A Cream Cat who acts like a bully at first, until he gets to know the other kittens a little more.
  • Claude: A Bluish-Grey Cat who is Boss’s Sidekick.
  • Archibald: Comet’s Uncle.
  • Peppina: The New Lunch Lady who is a Cat with Cheetah patterns.
  • Ms. Siamo: A Siamese Cat who is a teacher at Kitten Academy.
  • Rex: A Cat with Different Shades of Grey who once was at the academy until he got expelled.


  • Sarah Natochenny as The Voice of Comet
  • Michaela Dietz as The Voice of Sparkle
  • Alyson Leigh Rosenfield as The Voice of Wilbur
  • Lisa Ortiz as The Voice of Rosie and Ms. Siamo
  • Boone Nelson as Daniel Henry
  • Don Lake as Charles Cornelius
  • Eric Bauza as The Voice of Whiskers
  • Francesca Lombardo as Akila
  • Christian Corvery as Max Cornelius
  • Aria Burch as Isabella Berkeley
  • Laurie Hymes as The Voice of Fluffy
  • Marc Thompson as The Voice of Boss and Archibald
  • Travis Turner as The Voice of Claude
  • Lori Gardner as The Voice of Peppina
  • Brian George as The Voice of Hovis
  • Jed Rees as The Voice of Rex


  1. Stray for Life
  2. Human Show and Tell
  3. Pouncing into Trouble
  4. Fluffy!
  5. Uncle Archie’s Visit
  6. Stray Chase
  7. Whiskers’ Day Off
  8. Rosie Turns into A Pup
  9. Call of the Wild
  10. The New Lunch Lady
  11. The Cat VS. Dog Games
  12. Sparkle’s Exile (1 Hour Special)
  13. The Truth about Whiskers
  14. Boss Isn’t Bad After All
  15. Sparkles Gets Adopted