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Kisah Cinta Anak Tiri is a Indonesia Television Series production by Sinemart


Diandra has a kind heart, is gentle and loving. He and his sister Elsa live happily with his father, Harun. But all that changed when Lena and her daughter Clara entered the lives of Diandra and Elsa because Aaron married Lena. Clara is a girl of Diandra's age who has temperament, likes bullying, is evil, is jealous and doesn't like anyone more than her. On the day of Aaron's and Lena's wedding, Diandra was accidentally locked in the bathroom. Clara and her mother both did not like Diandra and Elsa. The day passed, Lena and Clara continued to treat Diandra and Elsa unfavorably, differently when there was her husband. Because they both go to the same place, Diandra is often bullied by Clara and her two friends. He does not like Diandra who is kind and clever to be the center of attention and envy. Especially when Ben, a famous guy, rich, both began to be interested in Diandra. That made all the other students not believe him until Clara felt jealous of that.


  • Jennifer Paz as Diandra (Zoe Abbas Jackson)
  • Eugenio Derbez as Ben (Aditya Zoni)
  • Shelby Rabara as Clara (Ochi Rosdiana)
  • Taissa Farmiga as Shireen (Icha Nabilah)
  • Grace Fulton as Yulia (Dinda Mahira)
  • David Koechner as Harun (Sultan Djorghi)
  • Diane Lane as Andini (Annisa Trihapsari)
  • Faithe Herman as Elsa (Richelle Georgette Skornicki)
  • Amy Cheng as Lena (Sisca Magdalena)
  • Courtney B Vance as Tatang (Achul Wiraperwata)
  • Alanna Masterson as Felly (Adzwa Aurell)
  • Jovan Armand as Aldo (Rizky Djanbi)
  • Asher Angel as Marcel (Jeremie Moeremans)
  • Jack Dylan Grazer as Ronald (Muhamata Youda)

Former Cast:

  • Sylvester Stallone as Damar (Anjasmara)

Cast (Hindi Version)

  • Vrushika Mehta as Diandra (Zoe Abbas Jackson)
  • Avinash Mishra as Ben (Aditya Zoni)
  • Rashami Desai as Clara (Ochi Rosdiana)


  • Jennifer Paz and Shelby Rabara are Steven Universe cast members.